How to Choose a Wedding Anniversary Gift: Ideas

A wedding anniversary is a touching important event for every loving family, therefore, spouses usually begin to think in advance about what to present on their wedding anniversary.

The holiday business is so developed thatIt’s not difficult to come up with and realize a bright, memorable idea for this day, but it will be much more valuable to create and implement something very personal and unusual on your own, uniting only your two hearts. Such a gift will definitely be remembered!

Let the present be used by the whole family, andIndividual gifts leave for other holidays. Bed linens with photos of your family, engraved dishes, unusual decoration or a bright photo shoot, portrait - all this can bring you joy for many years.

It is important to harmonize with the style of the house and the tastes of itthe inhabitants all the interior accessories, paintings and photographs that you want to give, so that you do not have to put them on the shelf, but you can easily supplement them with the design.

Wedding collage in the interior

Wedding Anniversary Symbols

From time immemorial, traditions have been respected in Russia,attributing symbols to each wedding date. So the first year of marriage ends with a chintz anniversary, the second with paper, the third with leather, the fifth with a wooden anniversary, the tenth with a pewter, the twentieth anniversary with a china wedding, the 30 years with a pearl wedding, and so up to 100 years any material symbolizes each significant a milestone in family history.

A wonderful idea is to make an anniversary present in keeping with tradition.

For a chintz wedding, make something out of fabric (not necessarily chintz):

  • sew the original costume and dress,
  • make cute T-shirts with declarations of love,
  • embroider a picture;
  • choose interesting underwear for each of you;
  • order a bed set with your photos.

  • T-shirts for the anniversary

    These gifts from matter will be used by you and will often allow you to recall the feeling that united you together.

    For a paper anniversary, make or purchase something from cardboard or paper:

  • make a photo collage;
  • order an unusual puzzle with your photo, which can be ordered in many photo shops (your children and even grandchildren will be happy to collect such a gift later);
  • make craft diaries (preferably with your own hands);
  • buy a ticket for the desired event or certificate;
  • Choose your favorite books in the expensive gift edition.
  • Do not forget to make a wedding anniversary gift in wrapping paper.

    Family photo puzzle

    For a leather wedding, prepare a present from the same material:

  • leather belt,
  • beautiful jackets in one style,
  • watches with leather straps,
  • bracelets, jewelry, earrings,
  • gloves, shoes, bags,
  • business accessories.

  • Leather diary - an interesting gift for a leather wedding

    Wooden wedding is a blessed symbol for gifts. To congratulate your spouse on this anniversary, purchase or make:

  • wooden souvenirs: figurines, paintings, vases, dishes,
  • jewelry: beads, rings, earrings,
  • unusual pieces of furniture that can become a symbol of relationships for you;
  • a variety of little things made of wood.

  • Wooden figurine as a gift

    The twentieth anniversary - porcelain - is also a very bright event, which is appropriate to present:

  • expensive service with commemorative engraving,
  • decorative plates with family photos,
  • various porcelain home decoration (vases, clocks)
  • custom-made figurines depicting spouses.

  • Porcelain Wedding Anniversary Gift

    Reaching 25 years of marriage, they beginCelebrate anniversaries whose symbols are precious metals or stones. Love verified by such a period deserves the most luxurious gifts, so spouses should not skimp on jewelry, because they, like a good family, are becoming more and more expensive over the years.

    Gift Ideas

    Anniversary Gifts for Husband

    Men are much more practical than women. Decor and symbolism can touch them a little, but attention to their hobbies is priceless. It is good when the hobbies of the spouses coincide, because then a gift to the husband on the anniversary will bring joy to both. If you do not want to organize something in common for two, look for a unique gift that speaks of your love for your spouse.

    Great tip - make the universal unique! As a gift to your husband on your wedding anniversary, you can purchase a quality and necessary thing, but arrange it so that it always reminds of you.

    Here are some examples of gifts for a spouse:

    1. signet with internal engraving;
    2. a unique bracelet made of leather or metal or a belt and buckle to it;
    3. high-quality portfolio made to order with all the pockets necessary for your beloved;
    4. rare collection alcohol or cigars;
    5. comfortable and high-quality furniture only for him (a table for a laptop or a minibar).

    Leather bracelets for couples

    If you knit well, understand the lastfashion trends and you know her husband’s preferences for sure, make a gift for him with your own hands - he will definitely like a fashionable sweater, scarf or cardigan, so the question of what to give her husband for his wedding anniversary will be settled.

    Anniversary Gifts for Wife

    Women value attention most, althougheach lady has her own understanding of this word. Someone can present a gift exclusively for aesthetic pleasure, others want to show it to the whole world, often using it. But any woman wants a present to emphasize her most exalted destiny - to be a beautiful and inspiring husband.

    A gift for an anniversary of a relationship for a spouse can also be relatively universal, but it must be uniquely unique.

    Here are some suggestions:

  • buy underwear, perfumes or cosmetics from a limited collection (while making sure that your choice does not contradict the tastes of your wife);
  • choose not necessarily the most expensive, but an original and high-quality jewelry, better made in limited quantities or to order;
  • pay for a certificate in the best store or beauty salon;
  • order a picture or photo shoot.

  • Elegant decoration as a gift for a relationship anniversary

    Whatever you choose, try to make your spouse’s small (and possibly large) dream come true and make her feel like a special royal blood.

    DIY anniversary gifts

    Photo collage in the modern world is not just a waymaking crafts, but a whole direction in art. Talented collage artists organize their own exhibitions of world scale and amaze critics with their masterpieces. Can you make a family collage as a gift? This option is also suitable for those who think that they should give their parents a wedding anniversary if the collage will contain pieces of family memories.

    How wonderful it is to trace the history of a family displayed in one frame, as it is done in the photo below!

    Collage can be made in this way - justchoose a frame with a suitable passport (or by placing an order in a baguette workshop) and inserting photographs into it, you can make a composition using computer programs, as in the following photo.

    Collage in frame and passport to order

    Composition from a photo taken on a computer

    An original way to make an anniversary gift with your own hands is to create a collage of an original form (in the form of a star, letters, hearts).

    DIY collage

    A wonderful decoration reminiscent ofthe best days of life, it turned out from a blank purchased in a handicraft store. Several design options for such an asterisk will help your imagination come up with its own way to make such a collage. Decorate your photo with decorative details (taken from things memorable to your heart), and your creation will become even brighter.

    Craft blank

    Symbolic Anniversary Gift

    Another option for a wedding anniversary present

    An anniversary present can be expensive or verybudgetary, but in loving families, this is not taken care of - the love that warms the house - that is a real value that no years will destroy.

    A cosiness to your home!