What floor color to choose? Laminate and parquet

If you decide that the flooring in yourthe apartment will have a laminate, parquet or parquet board, the color of the floor should be chosen very thoughtfully. A good parquet can last at least 40 years, the term of use of a parquet board is 25 years, and a good laminate - 15 years, cheap types of laminate - 10 years. If you buy a good expensive floor, it is better to give preference to universal colors of the floor, which will suit any color of doors, walls and furniture.
For 25-40 years you can repeatedlychange the color of furniture and walls, and you will not have a problem how to combine the color of the floor with the new design solutions of the room. So, in this article we will look at how to choose the color of the floor from a parquet board, parquet and laminate.

The most neutral, suitable for all the colors of the wooden floor - it is golden yellow light, as in the photo below.

So, if you do not want difficulties with choosing the color of the floor for furniture, walls and doors, give preference to such species of wood as acacia, honey birch, ash, light alder, light oak.

Note: In the photo below, cold colors are used in the bedroom interior - gray-beige, blue, cold brown. Nevertheless, these colors combine very well with the golden yellow floor, which at the same time gives the bedroom liveliness and warmth.

So, if you want to choose a universal floor color for all future design decisions of your home:

- choose golden light wood species

Choosing parquet, laminate, parquet boardgolden hues, pay attention to texture and gloss. Glossy types of laminate and parquet look elegant, as the photo shows. But at the same time, the gloss greatly makes the room less cozy, making it perceive it as a holiday. If you want to create a soft cozy interior - give preference to matte varieties of parquet and laminate with a pronounced wood texture.

There is a common belief that the gray color of the floorFits everything and is universal. No, it is not. Gray wood and gray are rich in shades (for example, bleached oak), they should be selected for the specific colors of doors, furniture, walls.

When choosing a variety of wood for the floor, you should pay attention to the lack of orange and reddish tones.

The golden varieties listed above do not havea reddish hue, so it blends wonderfully with everything. If you choose the reddish varieties of laminate and parquet for the floor (cherry, anegri, Milan nut, mahogany), they are already more demanding in combination with furniture and walls.
What floor color to choose? Reddish shades go well with brown, green, red, yellow, orange, terracotta flowers, with all muted autumn shades.
The photo below shows how the reddish-colored floor is combined with gray-green walls. The stronger the red tint of the floor is expressed, the more carefully you need to choose colors for the interior.

Reflecting on the question of which floor color to choose,it should be remembered that the golden colors do not require rhyme in the interior, and the red color of the floor is already asking for rhyme. The photo below demonstrates that the interior would have lost a lot if there hadn’t been for the red-haired lampshade.

Will the red color of the floor be combined with voiced andcold colors of water? Not! It will not be combined with elegant and restrained boudoir flowers either. If you do not like these two palettes - in this case the reddish floor will be universal for you.

Going to the repair stage and wondering,what color of the floor to choose, many decide on a dark floor from a parquet board, laminate or parquet. They, of course, are less versatile than golden colors, as they usually require light furniture in the interior.
The golden floor does not care what color the furniture will be, and the dark floor is more suitable for light furniture. Moreover, this is not the only limitation.

Smoked oak, stained oak, dark chestnut,chocolate wenge (but not black, not purple, not burgundy wenge!) are combined with almost all the colors in the interior, you can confidently choose them as universal colors.

But still there are a few dark varieties of wood,which are exacting to an environment in an interior. The most popular of them is black wenge. We have a prevailing stereotype that “black is suitable for everything”, this is an erroneous opinion.
The black floor is not compatible with warm colorsinterior decoration, it is more suitable for a cool range of colors. Therefore, you probably noticed that black wenge is most often used in modern interiors, in classic and retro interiors it is practically not used.

The parquet board and tiger parquet made of exotic woods are very good and expensive - zebrano, various types of palm trees, rosewood and many others.

Laminate in similar colors is also more expensive,probably affected by the magic of exotic names. Many manufacturers take into account the fashion for the contrasting floor and they make prefabricated boards from dark and light varieties of wood.
Choosing such a beautiful floor for your interior, it should be remembered that contrast tends to become boring. Everyone knows the escape route - a carpet in the entire area of ​​the room.

Thinking about what floor color to choose, the question arises of why it needs to be selected - for furniture, walls or doors. The most painful question is how to choose the color of the floor, skirting boards and doors.
The most common two options.
The first option in the photo below. The door is selected in the same color as the floor.
This option works well:

1) for hallways with a large number of doors (doors are made of the same material and the hallway floor is matched to them)

2) for small rooms

3) for kitchens

4) for darkened rooms with windows to the north and east (in this case, the skirting board, floor, and often the furniture is selected from light golden wood, the whole room seems more sunny).

It should be noted that in darkened small rooms you need to use wood types of the lightest shades for doors and floors.
The second way to choose the floor and doors is the contrast between the floor and the door.

Dark color is selected for the floor, and light for the doors, or vice versa, the floor is light and the door is dark.