Kitchen units with a bar counter

If you really want, then in your own kitchenToday you can install a bar. Someone will ask, why is it needed if a real bar does not open in the apartment? This is undoubtedly possible today, but why install it in an ordinary house? First of all, it is practical and useful in terms of functionality.

Very comfortable and aesthetically pleasing

Kitchen set with a bar counter in the photoIt looks solid and cute at the same time. In the studio apartment, it is the bar that will separate the space between the berth and the eating area. By the way, if you put an ordinary kitchen table in the studio apartment, this will create a sad impression of a close boring life. The bar counter looks much more creative and cooler! It so happened historically that most modern people associate a bar counter with a relaxation area, music and communication. She will create the feeling that the owner of the studio has not lagged behind time and that his business is going well. It is not a shame to invite friends to such an apartment, because they will have exactly the same impression about the owner of the house.

The bar counter can be a great substitute for a dining table

In small kitchens, kitchen sets with a barthe stand may be angular. This saves space and carries the same features. The bar counter can be a great substitute for a dining table. It is especially convenient if it runs parallel to the wall and the kitchen. A person who cooks something can exhibit what is done directly on the surface of the bar, simply turning to it.

Variety of design

The design of the kitchen set can be any onthe taste of the buyer. So, someone will be pleased to see the classics in their house, someone wants the kitchen to remind him of his favorite restaurant with dark wood furniture. Of course, the popular and fashionable hi-tech style is also actively used in the creation of bar counters. Strange lines of technogenic style, mainly light colors of the interior and, of course, special lighting - is this not a dream of a modern active person?

The bar counter is certainly very high and it requires appropriate chairs

Bar counter often includes verticalmetal element, top element with highlights and openwork metal shelves for glasses and glasses. They are usually located at the top. However, all of these details are optional. In fact, the bar counter is the protruding part of the countertop that separates the person at the stove from his guests. Usually it is elongated. Room design companies also perform the usual countertop on one support, which can be oval or any shape. It is also believed that the bar is certainly very high and it requires appropriate chairs. But this is also not necessary. That counter, which serves as a regular dining table, may have its height.

Kitchen design clear photodemonstrate that creativity does not lose relevance. A very nice interior is obtained when designers use warm tones and oval lines when working. Everything that can recall the golden summer sun has a very positive effect on the minds of residents.

Bohemian design is no longer a feature of eccentrics,but a very relevant topic in the design of the premises. The wealthy people of the capitals choose it again and again. This type of interior contains strange patterns. Interesting lines, wonderful objects. Everything from the chandelier to the mug shows what is created by people of art for people of art.

A very interesting idea of ​​the barSpanish designers. One can only imagine: in a snow-white room with a bright pink carpet, instead of the kitchen there is only a gray wall resembling a rock in which a narrow space-gap is made. She is the bar. That is, the kitchen, in addition to the white kitchen cabinets, is completely hidden from the eyes of those in the room.

The design of the kitchen set can be anything to the taste of the buyer

The backlight of the kitchen set is that detailwhich is given a special significant place in design. It is she who can create a feeling of comfort or spoil it. It should be both soft and sufficient. In some cases, this is just a wonderful nightlight for the kitchen, which is very important in a studio apartment. One person can relax, while another can sit at the bar. For such a case, fixtures are provided that hang very low above the counter. They brightly illuminate the area of ​​the countertop, but do not violate the twilight of the rest of the room. Very useful and nice detail.

Each interior detail is created separately for the overall design.

Designers try to make everything good in the roomharmonized. Therefore, every detail of the interior is created separately for the overall design. It can be curtains, and chandeliers, and even utensils. Floor coverings and plasterboard ceiling are made so as to be part of the whole, so that it can be seen that the artist individually worked on the design of the apartment. An apron for a kitchen set was no exception. Looks good, even if this item matches the rest of the items in shape, color and style. Beautiful design is not only convenience and coziness, it is sometimes a lifestyle.