Original gift for a girl

Sometimes it seems hard to surprise someoneinteresting and unusual gift. Especially if you want to make a surprise for a girl. There are a lot of extraordinary ideas, but what to translate into reality and how to choose the most original gift for a girl? We offer you an overview of the most interesting solutions.

Frame for vivid memories

No girl will abandon her own photo gallery, especially if you think it through to the smallest detail. For this, frames are created on a wooden base. Of the materials you will need wooden planks, glass - the size of the planks, screws, glue and varnish. You can use anything for decoration: if you want to remind your beloved about an unforgettable trip to the sea, choose shells, pearls - such a frame will turn out to be very tender and touching.

If you are for originality, then make a frame frommulti-colored buttons and felt. Whatever you choose, your craft will be better than just buying a gift for a girl. Another interesting option is a collage composition of photographs, which are placed in a certain order on the canvas or connected with each other with ropes, metal chains.

Registered chocolate

If you want to make a sweet gift forgirls, give her an original surprise in the form of registered chocolate. Such a present is especially relevant for girls with rare names. To create it, you need to stock up with colored soft wrapping paper, a photograph, colored pencils and felt-tip pens, a ruler, and scissors. We take the wrapping paper and cut out a blank from it, with which we will subsequently wrap the chocolate. All elements in the form of a photograph and your wishes are neatly glued to the surface, then the chocolate is neatly packaged. We need to try to make it look like from a store. So the original gift for the girl is ready for her birthday or just as a token of attention.

Ice flower

A gorgeous gift to his wife, which is quite possibledo it yourself - a flower in ice. The idea of ​​such a presentation is that the flower is presented during a romantic evening, during which the ice melts and the flower is released. To create such a masterpiece you need to stock up:

  • a thin transparent glass, long and plastic;
  • a flower of bright color, which will be slightly less than the height of the glass.
  • Cooking is as follows: the flower is carefully placed in a glass where water is first poured. The flower should be located so that the upper petals are not visible. The glass is placed in the refrigerator for several hours until its contents freeze. Such a gift to a beloved woman will definitely be liked and remembered for a long time!

    Declare your love!

    Any woman needs to constantly talk about herfeelings. And if you do this in several languages, your beloved will not remain indifferent. How to do it? You can translate the phrase “I love you” through online translators, then cut the petals for the flower out of colorful material and write a phrase for each petal. It will turn out a very magnificent and unusual flower that will beautifully and gently tell about your love. Such a gift to a girl is done with your own hands very simply!

    Unusual vase

    Everyone can buy an original designera vase, but not everyone can make it on their own. But in this way it is possible to answer all its requirements and aspirations! So if you want to make a bright and unforgettable gift for a girl for the New Year with your own hands, you will use numerous ideas based on hand made. We need to prepare the vase itself, acrylic paints, beads and beads, glue, lace, large, which will become the highlight of our vase, and other decorative elements. In the simplest version, our product will be created as follows:

    1. We take a glass vase, the simplest, without drawings.
    2. We carry out color layers on its surface. To do this, individually cover different types of cereals separately with different colors and give them time to dry. Cereals of different textures will create an interesting pattern.
    3. We fill the filler in a vase - each layer in turn so that the colors alternate. The groats fall asleep until the whole vase is full.
    4. Decor will be the last step in creating our work of art. for decoration we will use lace, ribbons, beads - at this stage it is important to show imagination.

    When the vase is finally ready, you will only have to buy flowers - an original DIY gift is ready!

    An excellent gift will be a vase, whichcreated in the style of the New Year holiday. To create it, you need a bottle of wine, a primer in the form of a spray, salt, sticky aerosol. We take a wine bottle and process it with a primer. Then the surface is treated with a sticky aerosol, on which salt is poured. We roll it over the entire surface to get the effect of snow coverage. And if you decorate the surface with natural and artificial branches, your gift will be just perfect!

    Sweets for an Adult

    Many adults love sweets, especially thisconcerns female representatives. And so feel free to adopt the ideas of a birthday present for a girl from various sweets. To create such an interesting presentation, directly prepare sweets, glue, gift wrapping, a pot, foam, artificial moss or grass and skewers. Choose piece sweets so that they can be neatly attached to skewers - this particular decor will become the highlight of the whole sweet bouquet. The steps for working on a surprise are as follows:

    1. We take sweets and fasten them on skewers.
    2. The pot is filled with foam or synthetic winterizer.
    3. The top layer is covered with artificial or natural moss or grass.
    4. Prepared skewers are inserted into the finished base.

    For decoration, you can add live twigs to a bouquet - making such a gift to a girl with your own hands is simple.

    For coffee lovers

    Is your wife a passionate fan of coffee? Then we offer you an original gift idea - a coffee cup. Of course, you can buy a ready-made service and present, but this is not at all what to do it yourself. So, we are preparing a stylish and bright birthday gift for our wife from an ordinary mug, which we will decorate with coffee beans. In addition to these two components, we will need cotton pads, white threads, brown acrylic paint and glue. Glue cotton pads on the simplest mug, tie them around the entire perimeter with threads, which are then covered with brown acrylic. Now it’s time to glue the coffee beans, and you can decorate the surface with ribbon or lace.

    New Year calendar

    A calendar gift, based onwhich will again be your photos. Believe me, for girls such gifts say a lot! Make them enjoyable is simple enough - just know how to use the appropriate drawing programs. Each page of the calendar should be designed in a single style solution, but you can supplement the pages with a love letter written by hand, scanned and placed on them, a lyric poem dedicated to your beloved, or promises of some unusual gifts - photo shoots, decorations. Such a talking gift will delight your beloved every day, because it will be made from the heart!

    Wall newspaper

    Summarize a year or anniversary, how are you together,possible using an unusual wall newspaper. It can be done manually or in special programs, the main requirement is the presence of a certain idea and its beautiful embodiment in reality. Choose the brightest photographs - both general and exclusively your favorite, process them and place them on a piece of paper on whatever idea. If you want to work harder, make a whole newspaper and tell in it how your joint year went. Remember the most striking events and some funny moments - believe me, such finds surprisingly bring people together. New Year's poster can be diversified with wishes - yours, your friends and relatives.


    What to give your beloved girl an original andunusual? The material shows that the surprise can be very different. Proceed from the preferences of your beloved, what she is interested in and what she will definitely enjoy. Such an approach will make you in her eyes the best, gentle and caring. And your handmade gifts will bring a lot of good impressions and bright emotions!