Songs on February 23rd Events

Everyone knows that it’s customary to congratulate men not only with beautiful words, but also to sing songs for February 23. On this day, specialgifts; a festive table is set. In any case, singing a song as a congratulation will be a great gift for all the men guilty of the occasion. Everything is sung, from children to elderly people.

When choosing a song, you need to consider the age ofto whom she is dedicated. For example, if we talk about elderly men, then here you can not do without military poems and songs. The holiday in our country has been celebrated since the days of the USSR, and in the arsenal there are many compositions dated to 50 years of the twentieth century. Most of them will cause a lot of positive emotions in grandfathers and remind them of youth.

On February 23, as congratulations, you can use the texts of famous songs of the war years:

  • "Blue scarf";
  • "At the village of Kryukovo";
  • "Three Tankers";
  • "Letter to the soldier";
  • "In the dugout";
  • "The tanks rumbled on the field."

  • Lyrics of "Blue Handkerchief"

    Lyrics "At the village of Kryukovo"

    Lyrics of the song “Three Tankers”

    Lyrics for "Letter to a Soldier"

    Lyrics of "In the dugout"

    Lyrics "Tanks rumbled on the field"

    This is not a complete list of great songs about war and love.

    Advice! Contemporary works also enjoyhuge popularity and can create a festive mood among all those present. These songs are liked not only by older people, but also by many youth representatives.

    What is interesting for the younger generation?

    If everything is clear with the elderly, how to organize interesting congratulations to younger men remains a mystery.

    It is important to remember that a song for boys on February 23 should praise strengths and positive qualities, including:

  • courage;
  • courage;
  • kindness;
  • skill takes care of others and more.

  • Modern song for dads on February 23

    It’s worth it to work hard and find the right onesfor a holiday song. Works that are written by modern authors look very original, various alterations are no less relevant. For example, to the music of a popular work, you can come up with new words that relate directly to the men or boys to whom they are dedicated.

    The song of the little soldiers is perfect for performing in kindergarten

    Such a remake song may be separatenumber in a festive atmosphere or combined with contests and congratulations. For example, when it comes to schoolchildren, such compositions can serve as musical accompaniment during the competition program.

    Some songs on February 23 may be humorous, for girls it is not an easy task to compose an original and interesting piece for their boys.

    Reworked song on February 23 to the motive “Kings of night Verona”

    Sequence: chorus, couplet, chorus, couplet, chorus.

    How to compose an alteration?

    In order for everyone who will listen to the song to like it, a number of rules should be followed in the process of composing it:

  • choose only the familiar and easy motive of the song, you should remember that you will have to sing it yourself;
  • if a humorous composition is planned, then you need to take the corresponding original, if the song is tragic or very slow, then you won’t be able to remake it;
  • it is important to consider the format of the holiday, for example, if this is a serious event, then the humorous songs on it will not be very appropriate;
  • alterations that may contain specific names, surnames and facts from the life of those present look very original.
  • Quite often, remade songs for February 23 are included in the program of events such as:

  • corporate events dedicated to February 23;
  • school KVNy;
  • skits, etc.

  • Alteration of the song "The soldier has a day off" on February 23 at the corporate party

    Advice! Almost any song for boys on February 23from girls can be redone in a humorous way. They are often sung while congratulating schoolchildren and students. Sometimes such compositions may surprise teachers or teachers. But in this case, it should be understood that the lyrics should be respectful, daring jokes will not be appropriate.

    What to think of for dad?

    Do not forget that the song dad at 23February can also be a very good gift. Such a surprise will bring a lot of positive emotions to dad and even grandfather. Especially if it will be performed by the smallest member of the family.

    On February 23 with seven small members you can prepare a song as a gift

    You can prepare a drawing for your beloved dad orgrandfathers. Even, it would seem, the most banal kalyak-malyaki will be very pleasant for the male half of the family. In such a picture, made by the pens of kids, the hero of the occasion or all the relatives led by him can be depicted.

    Any dad will be very happy drawing on February 23

    Dad will also like any homemade product thatthe baby will do it yourself. It can be modeling or application. The presentation of such a gift with musical accompaniment performed by the smallest member of the family looks very solemn. Here the song is just as pertinent as in all other cases. It can be any modern songs by February 23 or alterations of such compositions.

    Production of a volume greeting card for Defender of the Fatherland Day

    It should be noted! Dad will also like a collage that cancreate mom with the kids. Such a creation should have a military theme and be closely intertwined with the life of the head of the family; a collage made from family photographs looks very cute and original. They will recall the happy moments that were experienced with family people.

    Men also like to dance.

    If you continue to develop a theme regardingwhich songs on February 23 are best suited for students, then here you need to clarify the place of musical composition in the script of the evening. For example, if it is a solemn part, then here you can use famous works with a long history. If music is needed for some kind of creative competition, then thematic works should be selected. And at the disco, which is also often arranged at the school in honor of the celebration of February 23, it is better to use popular modern songs.

    Together with children for dads, you can prepare a dance for February 23

    In order to choose the right music, just familiarize yourself with the popular songs on the military theme. Collections are easy to find on the Internet.

    If we talk about the disco, then here you can use any music. Songs on military subjects must be included in the playlist, you also need to add a number of different popular tunes.

    Мужчины тоже любят петь

    Какая песня для мужчин на 23 Февраля является главной? Здесь не все так просто, как казалось бы на первый взгляд. Существует мнение о том, что у каждого мужчины существует своя особая композиция, которая ассоциируется у него с праздником.

    Очень часто её выбор зависит от того, служил ли в армии мужчина, участвовал ли он в военных действиях. К примеру, у тех, кто побывал в горячих точках, есть свои песни, которые они хранят в душе. Эти мелодии ассоциируются с пережитым, напоминают о друзьях, которые не вернулись живыми или о тех, кто ежедневно был рядом и помог пройти все сложности войны или службы. Очень часто бывшие военные собираются в этот день и поют любимые песни.