Rubber crumb tiles

Hundreds of millions of tires from cars beforeit was thrown into landfills where everything was burned and emanating caustic black smoke poisoned our blue planet. Unsuitable more automobile tires could not find worthy application in the industry. But now everything is not so, there were craftsmen who made the production of rubber tiles from this cheap material. It turns out that you can combine business and the environment, and earn money, and bring many benefits to others, especially children.

Ease of manufacture

Rubber plates are manufactured forvarious goals. If until recently, only treadmills of central stadiums were covered with such products, now rubber coating finds its application in various spheres of life of a modern person. The production of rubber plates is carried out on a rubber crumb press, which is a by-product of the processing of used tires, with the addition of special plasticizers, binders and coloring pigment. Color, shape and thickness depend only on the desire and imagination of the customer.

Tiles in the playgrounds

Such material can ideally be suitable for the equipment of playgrounds.

Firstly, rubber cushions when a child falls, thereby softening the blow, and children will fall often. That's why they and the children ...

Secondly, on a flat rubber surface it is easier than on a bulk surface to notice a child-hazardous item, a splinter of bottle glass or a nail.

Thirdly, cleanliness. You can remove tiles from rubber crumb with anything, from a broom to a vacuum cleaner, and the most interesting is that it can and should be washed from a hose for disinfection.

You can choose a tile of different colors and shapes,Lay as a mosaic in a specific pattern. Initially, a tile, like any rubber product, has a specific smell, which quickly disappears outdoors. Children really like to play on an all-weather playground, the coating of which does not soak, and the absence of puddles allows you to start the game immediately after the past rain.

Rubber tile for gardening

In the arrangement of country houses and plots thisrecently entered into widespread use of the material is interesting to us because of its physical properties. At the cottage, we need to get reliable coverage on an not always reliable basis, meaning garden paths and paths to the beds. The tile copes with the task perfectly and bends where asphalt or concrete would have cracked for a long time. You can count on a rubber coating even in the most emergency situations, the working range of its temperatures from minus 40 to plus 70 degrees. Therefore, it is possible to cover especially trampled parts of the plot with such tiles, for example, places of ball games. The rubber used in the tile is completely non-slip and with such cubes you can cover the entire pool, as well as the path to the summer shower and steam room.

The main advantage of rubber tiles on the sidewalk- This is pedestrian safety. If you fall on a rubber tile, you can get off with only a fright, even glasses will remain intact. By the way, they began to lay it first in business office centers, where endless streams of business people scurried around all day, and the ladies there, as expected, in huge heels. Today, rubber tiles on the sidewalk do not surprise anyone, this is not a tribute to fashion or luxury, but ordinary convenience, practicality and economy. Rubber has the property of bending, which traditional building materials are deprived of, and therefore temperature fluctuations are not afraid of it, just like moisture in any form, whether it is snow, ice or rain.