Effective home exercise equipment

In our time, probably not a single one has been founda person who would not want to have a beautiful, fit figure, pumped up muscles, including an ideal press. Of course, many of us are constantly busy, spend all the time at work, and it happens that there is not enough time for the gym. Going to the gym every year was a pretty expensive pleasure. And not every sports fan can afford to constantly visit the gym. That's it for this category of citizens, there are a large number of simulators for home.

Types of simulators for the perfect press

Wheel for the press. A very simple invention that appeared in the early 80s, consisting of two handles and a roller. In order for the simulator to give the greatest possible effect, it is necessary to stand on the knees and holding the handles of the device, in the direction of movement, hold for several seconds and then move forward, and then do the same in the opposite direction. With the constant use of such a simulator, the back muscles are well strengthened.

Telescopic horizontal bar. Another popular home exercise machine for the press, for people of any age. You should not start exercising with such a simulator, because before you use it, you need to warm up the muscles of the chest and back. The bulk of the work when doing the horizontal bar falls on the lower muscles of the press. This device has become one of the best selling in recent years. Such a horizontal bar can be easily installed in the corridor or doorway yourself.

Bench for gymnastics. Such a simulator has a high range of exercises for all muscle groups. It is convenient to use and is able to change the degree of load by adjusting the angle of inclination of the gymnastic bench.

AB Roller. This type of exercise machine for home is considered the most affordable and popular. Regular training on the AB Roller simulator already on the seventh day gives a visible result of the development and strengthening of the abdominal muscles of the press. A distinctive feature of such a simulator is that the muscles of the head and neck do not strain at all, since they remain stationary. Of course, you should pay attention to the technique of the exercise, in which the muscles of the press and the arms should be involved. It is also worth noting that AB Roller is one of the few inexpensive models.

AB Rocket. An excellent simulator based solely on working out the entire press. The abdominal muscles are noticeably strengthened, and the press becomes as embossed as possible. During the lesson at AB Rocket, the lower and upper press will work, as well as the oblique muscles of the abdomen. The degree of load is also adjustable. And the advantage of such a simulator is that during exercises the back is massaged and at the same time does not feel any discomfort. This model, unlike the previous one, is considered more budget.

AB Pump (AB Pump). A home exercise machine for the press, which has many functions for working on various muscle groups. Including working with the abdominal muscles on such a simulator, it is very effective and convenient, thanks to regular exercises and endurance. With the help of "AB Pump" you can quickly achieve a relief tummy.

AB Caster This model is considered more professional. In addition to the fact that such a simulator has rather large dimensions, it is a type of home exercise machine.

This device is intended for peoplewho take their body seriously and work on it. Here, of course, the correlation of price and quality plays great. The model is considered significantly expensive, but designed for those who want to achieve good results in the shortest possible time. AB Custer helps to achieve a tightened stomach after two weeks of training. It is worth noting that the press begins to be worked out not from top to bottom, as usual, but from bottom to top, which gives such a quick result.

Fitball. The simulator for the house, which is an inflatable ball, is designed for many exercises for various muscle groups. Fitballs come in different sizes, depending on the exercise. In practice, it was found that regular exercises with the ball give more effect than ordinary exercises for pumping the press.

If all special simulators are not suitable forfor any reason, there are many simple and easy-to-use devices for this. If you want and the constant use of such simulators, you can achieve good results. Some of these species are the hula hoop, a health disc, or a regular hoop. All of them have different shapes and sizes, and you can perform exercises not only on the press, but on other muscle groups.

Home fitness machines for the press are goodan alternative to the gym. To date, the number of people involved in sports in the home, has become significantly more than the fans of gyms. Of course, in order to achieve a beautiful, bumpy press, in addition to exercise equipment, you also need to be patient and how to follow the nutrition.