Bar stools in the interior: 24 photos and ideas

Modern kitchen area forImprovements and beauty are often formalized with additional furniture designs: a bar counter or a kitchen island. In the small kitchens of city apartments, such furniture has gained popularity due to the convenience and ability to effectively save space. Owners of large kitchenstype of furniture allows you to divide the kitchen into different zones, make it cozy and functionally practical. The counter can serve as a good place for short snacks or quick breakfasts, being the border of the working part of the kitchen with an equipped dining area, which will act as a full dining room for a family dinner or a festive feast.
For a convenient location behind the bar orhigh kitchen island need special design chairs. They are called bar stools, and they differ from ordinary ones in the height of their legs, smaller seat size and the presence of a footrest. The height of the bar stool is calculated in accordance with the dimensions of the bar, for a comfortable location.

Bar stool may look like a stool

Variety of designs

Currently, bar stools are enoughdemanded and therefore manufacturers, trying to keep abreast, release a wide variety of this piece of furniture. With all the variety of models of bar stools for the kitchen can be divided into several parameters.

Bar stool with backrest is much more comfortable

Seat shape

Bar stools have differences in seat design. According to its shape, a stool, a chair or a half-chair are distinguished. A stool is called a seat without a back and handles, mounted on legs.

Such a stool does not take up much space in your kitchen

On the chair you can sit more comfortably, it has a seat and a back, which is convenient to lean on.

The already very popular model of a bar stool with a back

The half-armchair is also equipped with armrests, which makes the operation especially comfortable.

Classic bar stool for comfort lovers

The configuration of the seat is round, square,elongated or rounded. For stools, round or square seats are often used, chairs and half-chairs can be found in a variety of configurations.

Body material

The frame of the bar stool should be strong and reliable, organically fit into the overall interior of the kitchen and be convenient to use. The main materials for the manufacture of the housing are:

  • tree;
  • metal;
  • plastic.
  • For the manufacture of seats other than those listedmaterials, sometimes use special durable glass. Depending on personal preferences and material capabilities, you can choose any material for the manufacture of chairs. All of them allow you to give the body any shape, from small traditional to large chair pieces.

    Bar stool for big comfort lovers

    Wooden bar stools are environmentally friendlyclean, durable and reliable. Wood is a traditional material for the manufacture of furniture; it is capable of acquiring any shape during processing, from restrained in the style of minimalism to luxurious armchairs decorated with carvings and inlays. The wide color palette of chairs made of wood is due to the possibility of covering them with varnish or paint of any shade. Other plant materials, such as vines, rattan or reeds, can be classified as materials of similar quality. Skilled craftsmen, twisting, processed stems of plants, create beautiful and durable products from natural light materials.

    Rattan bar stools are perfect for your summer residence

    For the manufacture of metal bar stoolsuse iron, aluminum, copper or steel. Such chairs are particularly strong and durable. They can be elegant or rude, depending on the method of manufacture and processing. They can have a chrome and polished appearance or aged, with elements of rust or patina. Forged items have a particularly elegant appearance. Their aristocratic appearance creates an atmosphere of wealth and sophistication. Coloring the forged parts in white, milk or golden color will make the product openwork and airy, adding a touch of romance to the overall style.

    The bar stool with forged legs is heavy but elegant

    The cheapest, but inferior in strength andterms of use are bar stools made of plastic. This material is practical to use in the kitchen, because it is easy to clean and light in weight. Plastic can be transparent and matte, and have the most diverse color palette. Designer bar stools of Ikea and other manufacturers are molded from high-strength plastic, so such products can compete in quality with iron or wood pieces.

    The platik is the most practical material: it is lightweight, cheap and very durable

    In the manufacture of modern bar stools oftencombine materials. This makes the chairs more reliable, practical and comfortable. For legs, they often use more durable metal, and for sitting the most comfortable and lightweight materials.

    Support configuration

    The stability of the product depends on the shape of the support, andas a result, the reliability and safety of its operation. The number of legs can be from one to four. The safest, most comfortable and most stable is a chair equipped with four legs. You can sit comfortably on it and spend a long time without fear that the chair may roll over.

    Four legs in a bar stool give greater stability, but do not look so impressive

    One leg for support - a classic optionfor a bar stool. Such a leg has a strong and heavy base that holds the product in an upright position and prevents it from turning over. The rearrangement of such chairs is difficult, due to the severity of the support, so to get up or sit down you need to turn around on the seat. For not long feasts, this form of leg is quite convenient. It does not take up space on the floor, so such a chair is more conveniently located near the bar, and the legs will not interfere when moving around the kitchen.

    Glass looks beautiful in a modern interior, but does not fit at all as a seat material

    Two legs are a design modification of one support. They can overlap or be tilted, making the appearance of bar stools stylish and unusual.

    Classic Z-shaped bar stool, ubiquitous

    Some models have a very creative look.thanks to the intricate form of support. It can be made of a large number of legs intertwined with each other or have another attractive shape that makes the chairs unique and attractive.

    Seat material

    For a comfortable location, a place to sit,made with soft and comfortable upholstery or use special removable pillows. For laying use foam rubber or batting. Especially comfortable are the seats with gel filling, taking the form of sitting on a chair.

    Durable fabrics that are easy to wash are used for upholstery. The use of leather and its substitutes is practical, such seats do not absorb kitchen dirt, so it is easier to keep them clean.

    Convenient accessories for comfort

    Bar stools have a large height space forseats, so the legs of the seated person are in a hanging position, not reaching the floor. From a long stay in this position, the legs get tired, this causes discomfort. For convenience, designs are equipped with a special footrest. Such a stand is located on the legs, making the design more durable and stable.
    Chairs equipped with height adjustment are comfortable foruse by people of different stature. If necessary, you can easily set the desired seat height, the swivel mechanism that performs this function is easy to use.

    Conveniently equipped with a rotating bar stoolmechanism by which it can rotate around an axis or rotate to a certain limit. Such a device makes it possible to move with the seat of the chair, and not on its surface. The swivel mechanism makes it easier to get up, especially for half-chairs, the handles of which, without turning the seat, will interfere with the moment when it must be left.
    To increase the life of the placesusceptible to erasure, cover with plastic or rubber covers. Such places are the footboard and armrests. In order not to damage the floor, the legs must be equipped with special rubber gaskets that provide soft and non-slip contact of the legs with the floor surface.

    Bomb bar stool

    Has gained great popularity, relativelyrecently appeared on the bar furniture market, Bomb chair. It was invented by Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni in 1996. The chair has a streamlined shape of the seat, with a protruding rounded back and a long leg, resting on a massive round support.

    The bar stool bomb fits perfectly into modern interiors

    For comfortable placement, the stool is equipped withfootrest, rotary rotation mechanism and seat height adjuster. They make it from high-quality plastic, a wide color palette. Seats can be plastic or eco-leather upholstery.
    The frenzied popularity of the Bomb chair is due to its ergonomic design, convenience, reliability and a long shelf life.

    Folding chair

    If a bar stool is not needed for dailyuse, you can pay attention to the models having a folding design. Such a device allows you to fold an unnecessary element of furniture and hide it. When folded, it takes up a minimum of space, so it can easily fit in a pantry or closet. If necessary, the design is displayed with a slight movement of the hands. The convenience of such a device is obvious: freeing up free space when a chair is not needed and quickly restoring functionality for use.

    A folding bar stool will provide guests with a place and will not take many places.

    Optimal sizes of bar stools

    The height of the bar stool must be selected incalculation to the dimensions of the bar or kitchen island, near which it will be located. To determine the necessary chair height, 25-35 cm should be taken from the height of the podium, this distance is enough for comfortable placement behind the bar.
    The minimum width of the bar stool is about 35cm, and the maximum value does not exceed 45 cm, but there are more scale models. The dimensions of the seat must be selected depending on personal preferences and dimensions of the kitchen. In a small kitchen, too bulky stools will not only take up a lot of space, but also look ridiculous in a small room.

    The chair covered with leather is pleasant to the touch, but not very durable

    The cost of bar stools

    The price of bar stools offered in the market hasa wide range, and depends on the material of manufacture and the complexity of the decorative finish. Some designer pieces are luxurious creative products, handmade, with expensive leather upholstery and chic shapes. The price of such stools is quite high, but in a rich room they will take their rightful place and will serve impeccably for many years.

    Bar stools are also suitable for classic interiors.

    Manufacturers are trying to achieve the perfectcorrelation of price and quality criteria. The company Leroy Merlin produces bar stools of low price policy, while maintaining a fairly good level of product quality. The use of modern technologies and materials allows us to guarantee reliable and long-term operation of the products of this company.

    Ikea bar stools at an affordable price haveGreat quality and superior appearance. Like all Ikea furniture, stools are made in a restrained and concise style, from durable and reliable materials that can last for many years. Ergonomic design and wide color gamut allow you to choose a model that suits the style and design of the kitchen.

    The rubberized lower bar will be pleasant for your legs when sitting

    Do it yourself

    With all the huge variety of bar stoolsit may turn out that you can’t choose your individual model. In this case, home craftsmen who love to craft with their own hands can independently create unique wooden stools for the bar counter that fit perfectly into the interior. To do this, you will need the ability to do carpentry, a set of necessary tools, a creative approach and a desire to craft with your own hands.
    As parts fit a wide variety of items. Seats can be made from old, worn out chairs. Add new legs to them and get a wonderful new product.

    Making a bar stool yourself is quite simple

    As a support and seats you can usethe most unexpected items. This approach allows you to create a unique creative product that will not go unnoticed. In the appropriate interior, such a chair will emphasize the style of the room, creating a main emphasis or acting as an auxiliary element of furniture.