White walls in the interior

White walls are an excellent step in designinterior, the advantages of which we will consider today. Unfortunately, in Russian apartments, the phenomenon of the white color of walls taking root is very difficult, and in Western apartments this method of decoration is very common. cold in conditions of long winters and short summers.

More light

The most important advantage of white walls in decorationpremises: they visually expand the space, as it reflects sunlight. If you have a small room or a room with windows to the north, give preference to the white color of the walls, the room will look much lighter, more elegant, more spacious.

White walls in the living room interior

Great match

The next important plus of the white color of the walls is a good one.compatibility with other colors and shades. Only the white walls will “accept” completely different colors into the union. This means that if your room has white walls, updating such an interior will not be difficult. Replace curtains, accessories, carpets, you will get a room with a completely different mood. For example, in the next photo you can mentally replace the color of the curtains, bedspreads and chairs with another one, for example, red color and you can imagine a completely different interior, which is created with minimal effort.

White walls in bedroom interior

Consider another example: white color of the walls in the living room, furniture in soothing colors, bright paintings on the walls and accessories. If you analyze this picture from a design point of view, you will notice that it was initially neutral, calm. When the owners wanted to bring living notes to this calm, bright accessories were added, the living room began to play with new colors, the interior looks more cheerful, lively.

Bright paintings on white walls

We see that the owners of the apartment at any time can change their living room again to a neutral one without radical changes.
Obvious fact: to buy new accessories is much cheaper and less labor-intensive than repainting the walls in a different color and doing repair work.
So, if you are a fan of frequent interior changes, white walls are the best ally for you.

Stylistically Neutral

The third advantage of white walls in the interior- their stylistic neutrality. Wallpaper with a picture can always be attributed to any particular style, and white walls allow you to embody any style with the help of furniture and decor.
For example, the following example of a living room with white walls is in a classic style.

Classic-style interior with white walls.

If you plan to create an interior inclassic style, use in combination with white natural materials for the floor, furniture, as well as indoor plants and paintings with a classic plot. You can use herbariums decorated in frames as a decor. Natural furniture and decor again indicate the classic orientation of this style of the room.

Classic interior with white walls

Consider a living room in a vintage style. The picture in a shabby frame, antique furniture organically combined with the white color of the walls.

White walls in retro interior

The rustic interior combines white on the walls, rough wooden furniture, straw, natural fabrics.

White walls in the interior of the kitchen

And this living room is in a modern style.

White walls in a country house or in a country houseas appropriate as in an apartment - we are convinced of this by the following examples: if you get tired of the natural color of the lining, you can safely repaint it with white paint. If you combine with the white color of the walls of fabric in a flower, in a cage, in a strip, you can get a stylish, comfortable interior.

Modern interior styles (minimalism, environmental minimalism) go well with white walls.
For example, the following interior in a typical styleminimalism: white walls, glossy surfaces, restrained colors. White color serves as an excellent background for other finishing materials, while maintaining the main principle of minimalism - space and light.

Designers are gaining more and more popularity.retro-style currents in which white wall decoration is very common. The retro style uses calm colors of furniture and textiles in combination with white on the walls.

If we talk about the use of white walls in various styles, we can say that it is not used only in classicism and baroque, but otherwise gives full play to the imagination.

Combinations of white with other colors

The most common white combinationcolors: white + bright colors. This principle is successfully combined in the Scandinavian style, but has long gone beyond the boundaries of minimalism and is applied in various styles.

White walls and bright furniture are often used increating the interior of the living room, for example, as in the photo above. It is not necessary to apply light shades for the floor, you can use traditional colors. Most importantly: the floor must be neutral.

Color scheme: white walls + bright accessories works perfectly in kitchens, bedrooms, children's rooms.
Pay attention to an important detail: any of these interiors is easy to change by replacing accessories, curtains.

Let's look at another great combination: white + black + vibrant colors. Of course, such a use of color is much less common, but it is considered more life-affirming, bright.
Thinking through the combination of colors in the interior, it is important to remember:

The interior with white walls implies the predominance of cold or warm tones in the room

Cool colors: blue, turquoise, cyan, aquamarine, cold pink, cold green surrounded by white walls are perceived as more saturated. The more accessories in cold colors are against a white background, the more fresh and cool the whole room will look.

Warm colors against a white background also lookmore vivid: warm shades of red, green, yellow, orange, chocolate, coffee with milk, peach, caramel - all these colors look more dense and saturated. In the following example, the orange color is perceived as bright and warm due to the white color on the walls. Against the background of light brown, beige or gray walls, these colors would look calmer.

Contrast Interior

When planning the white color of the walls in the interior, it’s importantdecide: how contrasting do you want to get the atmosphere in the end? The more dark objects and dark colors against a white background you apply, the more intense the atmosphere in the room is perceived. If you use contrast moderately, the picture looks freer, lighter. The photo below is a very contrasting solution. Black lines on white make the interior tough and graphic.

Soft colors are used in the next photo, so the interior looks less tense.

Returning to the fact of the unpopularity of white in Russian interiors, we can offer another way to deal with the boring color of the walls: decorative stickers.
Using vinyl stickers or shelves in bright colors, you can create a harmonious, vibrant interior.

So, the white color of the walls is a good color in the design, opening up many possibilities. The only minus of the white walls is the soiling, not much more than the other soiled colors that we use.

A cosiness to your home!