Wall mural for the kitchen: stories for your home

Having started repair, each owner begins to searchnon-standard solutions for your home. Wall murals are able to revive the interior of any room, including the kitchen. It is wall murals for the kitchen that we will discuss in our article.

Pictures on walls do not cause associations with the Soviet period in most Russians, when low-quality wallpapers with such patterns were extremely popular.

But times have changed, and now on sale there are photowall-paper of much higher quality, with various plots and drawings.

Wall mural with landscape in the interior of the kitchen

You can create your own version of this wall decoration using your photos, and so bring even more personality to the interior.

Let's forget about the stereotypes that have accumulated in our heads and understand what types of photo wallpaper exist and how to apply them in a kitchen setting.

Types of photo wallpaper for the kitchen

Wall murals in the interior of the kitchen will look beautiful and advantageous only if they are of good quality. In construction stores, the selection of such wallpapers is wide enough, both in terms of characteristics and prices.

The kitchen is a room where humidity is increased, there is always a danger of damage to finishes and furniture. Therefore, do not forget that the murals for the kitchen should be not only beautiful, but also practical.

Modern manufacturers offer several types of photo wallpaper:

  1. Paper;
  2. Textured
  3. Smooth
  4. Self-adhesive;
  5. Elite;
  6. Fabric.

Consider all varieties of photo wallpaper and try to evaluate the appropriateness of using each of them in the kitchen.

Paper mural

Paper photo wallpaper is the cheapest version of wallpaper with photos that are easy to stick on the wall. On this its advantages end.

Photo wallpaper is very thin, so anyunevenness on the wall will be visible beneath them. They absorb moisture and odors (therefore they can not be washed), are not protected from mechanical damage, quickly fade in the sun.

From the whole description it is clear that kitchen paper as the basis for wallpaper is completely unsuitable. This technology is already seriously outdated, and you should not buy such products in any case.

Textured photo wallpaper

Wall mural for kitchen with texture - worthwhile idea forthose who want to add volume and expressiveness to their favorite image. The surface of the wallpaper can have a texture of sand, stucco (Venetian or made by the classical method), linen, canvas.

Wall mural for the kitchen with a texture under the canvas

Compared to the paper variety of photo wallpaper,For kitchens, texture wallpapers are much more suitable: they are scratch resistant, they can be washed using chemicals (but not strong ones), they can be easily glued, they look much more respectable than paper ones.

Textures “sand” and “linen” are ideal for eco-style in the interior, they will successfully combine with the landscapes and images of plants applied to them.

Plasters are suitable for simulating frescoes, which can often be seen in Venice. Narrow streets and romantic cafes depicted on such wallpapers will look great.

Canvas is a spectacular and expensive texture, imitates paintings that will decorate your kitchen. These murals can be washed and glued easily.

Wall mural with a smooth surface

Wall mural for the kitchen with a smooth surface is another practical option for the home. Their coating can be washed, and unsurpassed quality will allow you to enjoy their look for many years.

You can also glue it yourself, but it is better to entrust it to specialists who carefully align the wall.

Wall murals for this type of kitchen can be glossy vinyl, matte vinyl and satin.

Gloss is good for photographs in which highlights are highlighted. Matte will be a little simpler and more unobtrusive, but they will add black and white photographs to vintage.

Self-adhesive photo wallpaper

Self-adhesive murals are very convenient to apply, for this you only need to separate the film, which protects the adhesive base from drying out.

Such wallpapers are reliable and durable, they can be used in the kitchen and not be afraid to spoil.

Smooth photo wallpaper for the kitchen

Satin wallpapers are highly durable and resistant to mechanical stress.

Elite photo wallpaper

Washable elite photo wallpaper is an expensive and high-quality type of photo wallpaper that is on sale.

The textures “oil painting” and “venetian stucco” look elegant and respectable.
The price, however, also bites, but durability and beauty are more important.

Fabric photo wallpaper

Seamless fabric murals in length reach 5 m and do not stick, and their edges are seasoned in a special baguette. It turns out that the wall decoration has no seams.

Having analyzed all types of wallpaper with applicationpictures, you can understand that for the kitchen and interior of the house as a whole, only paper ones will not work. All other types of photowall-paper are strong enough and high-quality for kitchen rooms.

Scene Selection for Kitchen Photo Wallpaper

As stills for the kitchen, various still lifes depicting mouth-watering dishes or fruits are popular. All these pictures are designed to stimulate appetite, to tune in to a pleasant consumption of food.

Nutritionists and psychologists insist that suchWall murals for the kitchen contribute not only to good nutrition, but also to gain weight, because they make you think about food even when you don’t want to eat at all.

But the kitchen can be perceived not only asa place for a meal, but also as a living room where you meet friends, so the stories are not limited to edible themes. Flowers, city views, architecture, landscapes - all this fits perfectly into the decor of the kitchen-living room.

People who love bright cheerful colors in the interior, who are not confused by some expressiveness of this color scheme, take note of the photos below.

A vibrant suite in this kitchen matches wallpaperwith the image of strawberries. Such a situation in the morning will give the owners energy, and with the backlight turned on in the evening, the situation will become more romantic and calm.

Bright photo wallpaper for the kitchen

A somewhat abstract picture depicting pasta is not as intense as the photo wallpaper with a predominance of red - albeit mouth-watering, but still quite exciting to the psyche.

Cheerful coloring wall mural in the interior of the kitchen

This abstraction is a joyful and light theme for the kitchen interior.

Abstract plot photo wallpaper for the kitchen

Pictures of architecture and city landscapes are an amazingly beautiful plot for interiors in a modern style and the opportunity to plunge into a completely different world, go beyond the view from your windows.

Mentally sit down at a table near this wall,pasted with murals depicting a night city, and imagine yourself at a romantic dinner right on the roof of your high-rise building. What else could be so exciting?

Wall mural for the kitchen with a view of the night city

Or look at the next photo, where the plot is used, revealing the charm of the Italian town.

Wall mural for modern kitchen

Pay attention to the kitchen-living room, when creating the design of which it was decided to emphasize the elegance of the wallpaper with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Wall mural with architectural images for the kitchen

A real fashionable find - wallpapers for the kitchen withmetro scheme (in the following illustration of London). Such a plot can not only decorate the wall, but also use it to decorate kitchen furniture.

Metro schemes - a fashion trend in the choice of plot for kitchen photo wallpaper

The metro scheme looks interesting in the interior of the kitchen

Wallpaper elements can also be used to decorate furniture.

Modern photo wallpaper for the kitchen

A variety of landscapes, floral ornaments, flowers will also be appropriate in the kitchen. If the mural is pasted near the hob, it is worth covering them with a glass screen.

Wall murals with floral ornaments look great in the interior of the kitchen

Wall mural landscapes in the interior of the kitchen

The next kitchen-living room uses personal photos, this makes the interior unique.

Custom wall murals for your kitchen will make your interior unique

Try it and you bring a piece of your soul into the kitchen setting!

A cosiness to your home!

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