How to make a ceiling from plastic panels

For ceiling decoration, it was recently proposednot too many options and options. It was whitened, at best glued with wallpaper, and on this the ways to make a beautiful, original ceiling ended. Today there are many varieties of ceilings, the most economical method is to create a ceiling from plastic panels. Recently, it has gained immense popularity, in particular, this kind of ceiling is popular with those who like to do repair and decoration work in their own home.

Features of the ceiling made of plastic

In people who decide to resort to plasticthe ceiling, often questions arise regarding how to make a ceiling from plastic panels. Typically, such a ceiling is attached to the original ceiling by means of specialized suspensions on the frame. The material used for the panels is polyvinyl chloride, which today is one of the safest and most environmentally friendly varieties of plastic. Packaging intended for the transport of food products is often also made from polyvinyl chloride or PVC.

It’s easy to create a similar ceiling made of plasticdo-it-yourself panels, in addition, it is quite possible to give it a fairly attractive and interesting look. Panel seams are absolutely invisible on this ceiling, and its service life will be a much longer period of time than in the case of a version made of drywall. It is not difficult to care for the ceiling from plastic panels; you just need to periodically wipe the dust. To do this, you can use a damp rag, the plastic material is not at all afraid of the effects of water.

When choosing panels, it’s important not to commit seriousmistakes and do not purchase wall instead of the necessary ceiling. They are significantly different from each other, although they are made of the same materials. Wall-mounted ones turn out to be much heavier, this parameter is quite significant.

When mounted on the ceiling of the panels will bea substantial load directed to the frame is present. This situation is fraught with unpleasant consequences in the future, once the frame can simply not withstand excessive loads, as a result of which the ceiling will collapse. If you install ceiling panels on a wall, then over time they will surely deform, since their strength level is lower.

Those who wish to receive plastic on their owna kind of ceiling at home should first familiarize yourself with instructional materials. A photo ceiling made of plastic panels will be useful, when considering the appropriate pictures, a person will be able to draw certain conclusions for himself and develop a specific sequence of actions to create a ceiling made of plastic.

Plastic ceilings in the bathroom

Many people today tend to have plasticceiling and in the bathroom. There are different options for decorating the ceiling in the bathroom from plastic panels. Some residents want to constantly see in this room the most modern stretch ceiling, others will be satisfied with simpler varieties. In any case, at the end of the repair work in the bathroom, it is necessary to tackle the new ceiling, which is necessary to give the room the impression of complete completion. In this situation, it is plastic that will be the best option, it will surely appeal to even the most demanding and exacting person.

Cover the ceiling in the bathroom with plasticpanels in general are simple, everyone is able to perform such work, it is enough to have desire and some basic skills. The whole process of installing the ceiling from plastic panels in the bath can be divided into two main components, the first of which is the assembly of the metal frame, and this stage is followed by its lining with panels made of PVC.

The process of installing a plastic ceiling in a bathroom

Install the ceiling yourself fromPVC panels in this room is not a difficult task, which is associated with two fundamental factors. High-quality laying of tiles promotes proper orientation on a horizontal plane. Thanks to the tile, you can attach the frame to the wall without using a hammer for this purpose.

In the presence of certain conditions occursan excellent insert of self-tapping screws into the seams between the tiles, they hold metal profiles quite firmly. For this, it is necessary that the width of the seam is no more than 2 millimeters, and the hands of the person installing the plastic ceiling should be skillful and dexterous, because self-tapping screws are strictly forbidden to twist. In this case, the thread will break and the self-tapping screw will not be able to perform its functions. It is advisable to master this method, then the creation of a ceiling in the bathroom from plastic panels will take a person much less time.

The frame in this situation is quite simple anddiffers from the metal structure intended for the gypsum board ceiling only in that it is usually installed across PVC panels. Having decided to install a plastic ceiling in the bathroom, one should clearly imagine the whole process associated with the ceiling decoration with plastic panels. Installation of ceilings in the bathroom will require a person to have skills in handling electricity, since the existence of any ceiling is simply impossible without the presence of spotlights. During the assembly made of PVC panels, they will need to be installed.

Similar actions will not representproblems. After installing the panel, in which the person plans to carry out the operation of mounting the lamp, a special hole is drilled in it using a special crown, and the lighting device is mounted in it. Combining the work associated with the installation of panels and fixtures is much more convenient, because the master will always stay in a well-lit room. After the installation of the last of the fixtures is completed, the old wiring is cut off, after which the new one is immediately activated, then the installation of the ceiling made of PVC panels in the bathroom continues.

Attaching the last panel is the samelike others, but this requires the use of special screws. Such screws are usually screwed as close to the wall as possible. At the end of all necessary work, you should remove the existing holes, silicone will help in these actions. Excess sealant can be easily removed with an ordinary clean, slightly moistened rag.

A person who does not have manufacturing experienceceilings made of plastic, it is worthwhile to watch the video about the ceiling made of plastic panels before starting work. Today, there are many videos containing detailed instructions on all issues related to ceilings made of PVC panels. As a result of viewing them, you can remember the entire sequence of manipulations and find out what tools you need to have with you for the successful implementation of the planned process.

Plastic ceilings can be considered beautifulmodern design solution, their creation does not require any special physical effort, special training or serious material costs. This kind of ceilings deserves wide popularity, thanks to their practicality, ease of use and external attractiveness, people willingly install them in apartments.