Paint for wallpaper for painting: choose the right

Modern people in the selection of finishesmaterials for walls or ceilings give preference to wallpaper intended for painting. Their main advantage is that the final version of the design with their help is created by the owners of the house.
Also, this option is suitable for fans who often change the situation in the house, because they can withstand several changes in the color of the walls. The most important thing in the design of walls, pastedin this way - this is the right paint for wallpaper for painting. It will allow you to create a unique atmosphere in the room, and is also easy to use and does not provide for special skills and attracting specialists. This article will tell you about which paint for wallpaper to choose depending on the materials and the purpose of the room to be designed.

For different surfaces - different paint

Like the wallpaper itself, there are different types,so the paint for them varies in composition. It should be noted right away that the paint for the wallpaper for painting should not contain chemically active solvents, as they will dissolve the outer layer of the surface. Paints, where water is used as a solvent, are of several types and are created, respectively, for different types of premises:

- water-based paint for wallpaper for painting(its peculiarity is that it is not resistant to water even after drying; it is created on the basis of PVA) is most often used for painting ceilings in dry rooms, although it can be used in other rooms, but it will fade when exposed to sunlight,

- water dispersible or acrylic paint forwallpaper for painting (acryl acts as a polymer base, which, when dried, is water resistant, it can be washed off only with special solvents; dries quickly, but can also fade in direct sunlight) is used even in kitchens or bathrooms, children's rooms and other rooms,

Each type of wallpaper has its own paint.

- latex paint for wallpaper for painting(the most expensive, but it resists moisture and sunlight) it can create glossy surfaces (the more gloss, the more moisture resistance) in all types of rooms.

In order not to be mistaken when choosing finishing materials, it is necessary to clarify in advance which paint for wallpaper to choose depending on their basis:

- the paper base is unpretentious to the choice of paint,therefore, only humidity should be taken into account in the room for which it is intended (if the budget is not limited, latex paint is better for wallpaper for painting, so as not to aggravate the surface of the wallpaper),

- for non-woven wallpaper you need acrylic orlatex paints, and if they are painted exclusively on the inside (the color is applied in advance on the reverse side, appears on the outside and an interesting pattern is obtained depending on the structure of the canvas), it is better to prefer acrylic,

How to choose the right paint for wallpaper

- for vinyl wallpaper, acrylic paint is used for wallpaper for painting, but if they are made on a non-woven basis, latex is also suitable,

- fiberglass is unpretentious in terms of the choice of paint, all three of the described types are suitable for it, in addition, it can withstand up to 10 repaints.

Color matching

Presented on the market of finishing materialsfinished paints of various colors. But people often choose wallpaper for painting precisely in order to make the walls in the room in special rare shades. If people have already decided which paint to choose for wallpaper, but there isn’t the right color in the palette, they resort to the tinting process. You can mix or color colors yourself or using a computer.

Paint tinting needs to be done independently.

At home, you can achieve it yourselfthe desired shade, mixing the main color with the coloring pigment. With some practice, getting the right color is not too difficult, but it's worth considering that the color on the walls after the paint dries will differ from the color in the bucket. To eliminate this problem, it is advisable to first try the resulting mixture on a piece of wallpaper and see what happens when it dries. Another problem may be such a moment: when one bucket of paint is over, the desired shade will again be very difficult to achieve.

All the disadvantages of the previous method of tintingexcluded in computer tinting. Computer technology will calculate how much paint and pigment is needed to create the desired shade after drying. With the help of special machines, specialists will receive a sufficient amount of paint, and if it suddenly is not enough, then the next tint will be very easy to get the same shade.

The choice of paint for wallpaper for painting

Wallpaper painting process

To start staining with paint, you need to wait for the complete drying of the wallpaper glue. If the surface is dry, clean and fat free, you can begin to work:

- on certain surfaces (skirting boards, ceiling, flower borders), masking tape must be glued,

- paint is poured into a special container - a cuvette, where it is rolled by a roller,

- when the roller is completely saturated with paint, it is necessary to remove its excess by running the roller along the ribbed surface of the cuvette,

Coloring wallpaper for painting

- using a roller, the walls are painted from top to bottom, and pressure is controlled so that the intensity of painting is uniform everywhere,

- hard-to-reach spots (corners, near the ceiling and baseboards, etc.) are painted with a brush.

To emphasize the structure, you can useA smoother roller that will only paint overhanging parts or patterns on the wallpaper. Particular attention should be paid to the quality of all painting tools: if the hairs easily break out from the brush, this will make painting difficult, as well as the fragility of some parts of the roller. It is advisable to immediately buy high-quality tools so that the painting process is effective, easy and fast.

In the next video, a professional finisher will share the secrets of painting wallpaper for painting.

A cosiness to your home!

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