Solid pine bed

Pine wood is one of the most durable,and is used in the construction of residential buildings and the manufacture of furniture. Demand for various furniture, especially beds made of solid pine, is constantly growing. The peculiarity of its wood is lightness and strength, which allows the production of reliable, but not bulky furniture.

Which model to prefer?

Undoubtedly, the bed is the main piece of furnitureyour bedroom. When choosing the right model, you can give preference to a classic bed made of solid wood, a bed in the Art Nouveau style or even techno, with a finish of fabric, leather or other materials. Choosing the length and width of the bed, you need to proceed from the parameters of the person for whom it is purchased, adding to the height of 15 cm. When purchasing a double bed from an array, focus on the size of the larger spouse. The height of the bed is also important, for sick or elderly people should choose high beds, while young people may come up with low models.

To replace the classic rectangular in fashionround, arched and oval beds come. However, when using a bed of a non-standard shape, there will be difficulties with the purchase of bed linen and you may have to sew it to order.

Be sure to study the bed frame. They exist of two types: consisting of two supporting backs and two panels or four panels and backs, where the support is a podium or legs. With proper assembly, the models on the legs are not inferior in stability to models without them. Solid wood and metal bed frames are the most durable. Frames made from MDF or chipboard are not particularly durable.

The most common bed baseis a frame with flexible crossbeams - lamellas. The more of them, the stronger the foundation. Such a base is preferable and has better orthopedic properties with respect to spring bases or metal grilles. A bed can have one or more drawers designed to store bedding or clothing.

On the quality and service life of the bed, no doubtCompliance with all regulations and technological standards in its production has an impact. When buying a solid bed from a reliable manufacturer, you can be sure of the quality of the product.

High environmental friendliness of wooden beds makestheir demand in the market of children's furniture. For a baby, you can buy a children's bed from an array, and for older children it is worth thinking about purchasing a bunk bed from an array. This will save free space in the children's room.

Choose the color of the bed

Today, manufacturers offer us variouscolor options for furniture, especially when manufacturing it from chipboard, MDF and other artificial materials. But if your bed is made of solid pine, then the wood pattern is unique and will eventually become an amber color. For beauty and convenience, these beds are covered with safe colorless or colored varnish.

When choosing a color scheme purchasedBeds should appreciate the interior of the bedroom as a whole. Someone prefers pastel colors in the room. In this case, it is necessary to choose a bed with a light neutral headboard and light wallpaper. The overall interior of the room will turn out to be gentle and light.

If you want a bright and vibrant bedroom,you must choose the contrasting colors of the walls and beds. Against the background of a bright wall with a pattern or ornament, the headboard of a neutral bed will look good. Or vice versa, choose a bright headboard against the backdrop of matte plain walls.

When using parquet or laminate as a floor covering in a room, it is recommended, when buying a bed in the color of wood, to prefer flowers that are close in tone to the floor.

Rules of operation and care

Pine wood can improve microclimateyour room and has bactericidal properties. Furniture made from pine, has a pleasant coniferous smell, has a calming effect on the emotional state of a person. Pine wood is not susceptible to rot, resistant to insects and has a long service life.

A wooden bed is usually coveredecological water-based varnish. The finished product is not afraid of moisture. You can use warm water and soap to clean and clean the bed. Do not use aggressive detergents or powders with abrasive particles. The topcoat may be damaged, which will accelerate the aging process of wood. A bed made of solid pine should not be subjected to mechanical or chemical effects. If you are in the stage of repairing the room, then cover the furniture with plastic films that will protect the furniture surface from damage by building materials.

And if during the operation of the bed onthe surface of the tree still has shallow scratches, then you can easily remove them yourself. To do this, polish the damaged area with fine-grained polish, and then rub the polishing wax with a soft cloth. The surface will again become like new.

Do not forget that for wood it is very importantmaintaining a constant temperature and humidity in the room. Their optimal level will ensure long-term operation of products. Significant temperature changes, as well as sharp jumps in humidity levels in the room, can lead to deformation of wooden furniture, deterioration of the appearance of products and shortening of their service life. It is not recommended to place a wooden bed in close proximity to heating appliances, especially from the side of the head of the bed. In addition to harming the furniture, you can interfere with the proper circulation of warm air in the room. It is also not recommended to place wooden furniture near artificial sources of moisture, pools, fountains and others.

Do not put a bed of wood directly in front of the window under the direct influence of sunlight. In the event of prolonged exposure to the sun, it may burn out or crack.

When using a wooden bed without a mattressthere is a high probability of damage or breakage of the grating of its base. Do not let your children jump on the bed, but rather, if you have financial capabilities, buy them a trampoline. Do not place hot objects on the head of the bed or on the sides of the bed, and use thermal insulation pads if necessary. It is not recommended to stand on one of the sides of the bed in order to avoid breakage or tipping over. If the base of your bed is equipped with special drawers, do not overload them, extend them gently. This will extend the service life of the guides and avoid distortions.

Reliable solid wood bedsmanufacturers have a warranty period of operation in accordance with the requirements of the legislation, which ceases to be valid if damage occurs as a result of non-compliance by the consumer with the rules for use or care of furniture from the array.

Fulfillment of simple recommendations forthe use and care of a bed made of solid pine will significantly extend its service life, and you will long enjoy the comfort of the bed and the coniferous aroma of natural wood.