Orange walls in the interior

Orange walls in the interior - this is a very interesting, but difficult elementdesign. In countries with a cold climate, the orange walls fit wonderfully into the interior, making it more soulful and warmer. To begin with, orange is the warmest color in the spectrum. It is believed that the warmest color is red; in reality, it is orange.
For this reason orange color in the interior suitable for those who often freeze, for those wholoves warmth. The orange walls are excellently used in the design of rooms that face the northeast and north. But for rooms that are facing west and south, this is an unsuccessful decision - under direct sunlight, the orange color becomes pale, and under the slanting (if the room faces west) it starts to glow, looks stuffy, has a burgundy hue.

Orange walls are not only a way to make a room warmer. Orange walls or just one orange wall immediately modifies the interior, giving it energy.

Let's take a look at the photo below. Apart from the orange wall, we have a very conservative, calm interior, which is made in autumn colors. It is clear that orange wall in the interior appeared because the owners were bored with the calm of the living room, and they decided in such a simple way to change their interior.

A similar case in the following photo. The wall of yellow-orange color gives the interior energy, we do not even immediately notice that orange color in the interior very calm.

So, take note: if you really want to change the interior, make it hotter and more fun, but at the same time you do not have the opportunity to change furniture, accessories and textiles. Paint the wall orange, the interior will become much more energetic.

But for this you need to know with what colors the orange color goes well so that your transformation does not destroy the entire interior.

Orange color in the interior: colors with which orange blends well

The very first color with which orange is perfectly combined is brown and all its shades, from caramel to chocolate.

The interior, in which orange walls are combined with brown furniture, looks very warm and cozy, this is an excellent solution for the living room and kitchen.

Beige, brown, tan shades are wonderfully combined with orange walls in a wide variety of interiors - both modern and country, and eclectic, as in the photo below.

The next color that blends wonderfully withorange walls are green and almost all its shades, with the exception of coniferous green and grass green (the last two colors with orange look hard).
In general, the interior in the photo below can be called very interesting. A lot of different objects, here you can see a safari, and vintage, and a very original orange wall.

Light green and olive are two leader colors thatbest combined with orange. This combination will be suitable for you if you want an orange wall, but you do not need excessive brightness and energy.
A calm olive color perfectly balances the energy of orange, as you can see in the photo, and with the help of a cool lime one can dilute the "temperature" of the interior.

In addition, the walls of a calm orange color are perfectly combined with all kinds of “wooden” and “stone” colors, as can be seen in the photo below.

In a big fashion, a combination of purple and orange is now.

Please note that real bright orangerequires saturated violet and vice versa - muted soft orange must be matched to muted purple. In this case, the colors will not conflict. In modern interior design, you can often find a combination of gray furniture and orange walls.

Modern design is far from contrastinteriors, which were known at the end of the XX century, and most of all focuses on soft, calm colors. Contrast solutions have ceased to be popular because of their obvious fatigue - a modern person strains his vision a lot, his work is connected with his “eyes”, and in his home environment he needs less sharp color combinations.

It is for this reason that it is fashionable to combine orange with steel, light gray, with calm gray.
A much more sad combination is the union of black furniture and orange, a combination that was popular in the 1960s and now these interiors look very old-fashioned.

Attempts to make the interior more modern, which uses gloss black and orange walls, lead to the creation of complex lighting lighting, multi-level ceilings, etc.
But of all this diversity, it’s reallyonly the left part of the interior looks advantageous - in which the wall is decorated with orange-black-white ornament. The designer can call everything else “stray”, which does not decorate the interior, but rather the opposite.

The combination of orange and red is anothera combination with which you need to be very careful. There is an opinion that these colors combine favorably, it’s true, BUT. Orange walls will look good with red furniture or accessories only if red is darker or brighter than orange. Let's compare two pictures:

In the first photo, the orange walls are bright, and the redthe color used in the bedspread is light. As a result, red loses to the walls and the beds look poor. And in the photo on the right, saturated dark red is selected, which stands out against the background of orange walls and the interior looks juicy and clear.

Finally, the hardest combination of orange walls iswith fuchsia and other catchy pink shades. It is very difficult to combine orange and fuchsia correctly. Just scattering several bright pink objects around the room will not make the interior more attractive. Fuchsia with orange will look good if there are other bright colors - blue, lime, yellow.

And, as the photo below is not worth doing at all - there is no idea in the interior, it looks uncomfortable, there is no integrity. Yes, it is original, but such originality does not cost anything.

So, the orange walls in the interior can be combinedwith many colors - this is almost all beige, brown, yellow, green shades. Thick, dark red shades. Violet color, if suitable for saturation. Gray shades - for a modern low-contrast interior and white with black - for a very contrasting dramatic interior. Of course, the orange color in the interior goes well with white. A combination of blue and orange can be called very productive.

Orange walls are a very interesting solution forchildren's room, they are all good. But in the nursery, only light shades of orange should be used, as in the photo below, so that the interior does not become too bright and tiring.
For the children's room, choose the orange color.carrot juice or pumpkin juice, complement it with shades of fruit palette. With the orange walls, the floor will be perfectly combined with a light neutral shade - beige, sand, tan.