Wicker furniture in the interior: a piece of wildlife in your home

On the brochures of expensive resorts plotalways one: a view of the sky, the sea and the beach from the terrace, where the openwork armchair and table are certainly located. And why? Everything is simple: no other furniture will create a romantic mood, will not set you on rest, will not remind you of summer and warmth.
Light and durable wicker furniture in the interioralways looks original, elegant and relevant. And the degree of trust in her is not worth talking about! It’s enough to recall that the very first crib was the usual basket, and the first linen cabinet was the floor wicker chest

Artificial wicker furniture in the interior of the apartment

The history of the relationship of a person with a wickerthe furniture is so long that it is almost impossible to find it. It was used by the Egyptians and Romans, since the time of colonization, she migrated to European homes. The peak of popularity occurred in the 19th - early 20th century, when the suburban life of the nobility was unthinkable without whatnots, chairs, tables, rocking chairs and other items made of twigs. Wicker furniture undeservedly forgotten in Soviet times and squeezed out into the category of “summer cottage” in the interior of the apartment is again gaining popularity. And the main reasons for this are naturalness and versatility.

Wicker chairs in the interior of the apartment

Undoubted pluses and doubtful minuses

- durability

The uniformity and absence of weaving joints creates such a strong structure that delicate and fragile-looking products can withstand loads of up to 500 kg.

Set of wicker furniture in the interior

- lightness

Regardless of size, the weight of the furniture is soit’s small that even the beautiful half of humanity will cope with any rearrangement completely independently. (Although overturning an object with its comparative instability is a simple matter).

Faux rattan wicker furniture in the living room

- Durability

How much does such furniture serve? Firstly, it all depends on the raw materials (rattan and bamboo, for example, are much stronger than vines and nut rods). Secondly, with proper care, any wicker product will retain its original appearance for 25-30 years. The scratch will disappear, it is worth rubbing it with wax. "Well-worn" and scuffs disappear under a slight re-lacquer coating. Of course, if the twig bursts, one cannot do without a master. But serious breakdowns, as a rule, are provoked by excessive dryness in the room, so wicker furniture in the interior of the apartment should be away from heating appliances and direct sunlight.

Hanging wicker chair in the interior of a children's room


In each climate zone, there are plants with parts suitable for weaving (branches, leaves, stems). Among them are reed, walnut, reeds, water hyacinth, jute, sisal. But leadership is firmly held by three.

- bamboo

The most expensive stuff. Thick stems are used for the manufacture of the frame and bearing parts, and pressed tightly goes to the countertops and seats. Such furniture is the most durable and resistant to changes in humidity or temperature. In appearance it is a little rude, but very exotic, therefore indispensable for creating colorful oriental interiors, country and eco-styles. Due to its natural texture, even one bamboo object can set the tone for space and become the main focus of the whole decor.

Artificial wicker furniture made of bamboo in the bedroom interior

- Rattan (tropical palm liana)

The most popular and versatile material. Long, flexible fibers of a stable diameter allow the creation of many options for weaving (from patterns of forged products to simulate rough fabric). Properly selected rattan wicker furniture in the interior of any style (even strict minimalism, classics and hi-tech) will look elegant and organic. Alas, in recent years, supplies have fallen sharply and the price of raw materials has risen. Therefore, if you are interested in this material - hurry up. It is possible that rattan will soon become a real exclusive.

Faux rattan wicker furniture in the living room

- Vine (peeled from bark, bleached willow twigs)

The main plus is the low price, because domestic production, and raw materials are inexpensive. Paying, in fact, only work, you can get a unique author's item created by individual sizes and sketches: a lampshade, a flowerpot, a casket, an air wicker chair in the interior, and if you wish, a whole set. But remember: on the willow vine (in contrast to the smooth trunks of bamboo and rattan) there are a lot of knots and natural defects, which (like the short length of the rods) affects the elasticity of the material and reduces the strength of the product.

Wicker furniture made of twigs in the interior

There are a huge number of artificialsubstitutes for natural materials. They are more malleable, wear-resistant and less moody. But let's leave them for open street spaces. Let wicker furniture in the interior of the apartment be natural and environmentally friendly.

What do we choose, where do we use it?

Modern wicker furniture is sodiverse, which is difficult to imagine where it could not be placed. Garden, porch, living room, study, children's room, bedroom, corridor, bathroom - there are no restrictions! She may look modest and ascetic, or, conversely, stylish and expensive. The whole point is the choice of the subject itself and its successful “weaving” into the situation. So.

- Furniture for seating and rest

Wicker chair in the interior, chairs, stools and,finally, a sofa is an integral attribute of country styles and provence and modern. Light, delicate patterns that cast lace shadows will add notes of romanticism, warmth and hospitality. If you want more respectability, stop at simple geometric shapes, preferably chocolate shades and with impeccable weaving. Do not forget about textiles. Bright or calm covers and pillows will create (or change) the overall mood. But the fabric must certainly be natural (cotton, linen, burlap, gunny). For the cold season, leather, skin, wool are suitable.

The combination of wicker furniture and bright accents in the living room

A matter of taste, but a wicker bed is a problem. It is more rational if only the headboard is openwork. You can supplement this motif with bedside tables, a chest of drawers, a mirror frame.

Hanging wicker chair in the interior of the nursery is an original and multi-functional element. It can replace a swing or become a cozy place to relax, read, or even sleep.

Hanging wicker chair in a children's room

- Tables and tables

Do not count the options: magazine, dining, serving, toilet and kitchen; round, square, spherical; fanciful or strictly geometric, fully woven or combined with glass, wood, metal. Look around and find a suitable one that will become a highlight, a center of attention and will bring a unique charm to your interior.

Coffee wicker table

Floor wicker chest - a special item,honored, tested for survival for millennia! No thing more simple and universal! Do you want a stylish piece of furniture for storing "all kinds of things" that are not on display? Get a chest. Is it not too appropriate for your premises? Cover it with glass and get a coffee table. Is there a table already? A soft pillow is on top, and you have an original ottoman. In the bathroom, the chest will be a wonderful laundry basket. In the nursery, your kid will enthusiastically collect toys there and turn it into a stand or a small bench when he wants to get something or sit down. In a word, take a chest - you will not regret it!

Floor wicker chest in the interior

A few placement tips

Wicker furniture in the interior should be visible! Do not clutter up the space or place bulky, heavy objects in the neighborhood that kill the atmosphere of airiness and lightness.
The braided element should not be one! They didn’t buy a headset, but limited themselves to a single item - support it with small forms: a lampshade, a cache-pot, a bread box, side glass, a frame for a picture, a screen, and a house for a pet is also suitable. Avoid incompleteness. But do not overdo it with the little things.

Wicker accessories in the interior

No luxury attributes nearby! Gold, velvet, brushes, fringe, lurex, carpets, bronze and crystal next to wicker furniture look silly and tasteless.
Strive for originality. Let your home not be boring and mundane. Wicker furniture will help you with this.

In the next video, we offer you expert advice on creating a Mediterranean style using wicker furniture and rattan accessories.

A cosiness to your home!

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