Radius sliding wardrobes:

Currently there are a huge number of the mostdifferent options for furniture designs, each of which differs in its characteristics and features. Radius coupes are very popular, which are distinguished by their non-standard solution and manufacturing technology.

It is worth noting that these designs present to our attention a sample of modern furniture, because they are characterized by a large number of advantages, when compared with conventional cabinets.

These are universal furniture options that can easily fit into one or another interior, due to the variety of forms, as well as the uniqueness and unusualness of the lines.

Radius sliding wardrobes - photos can be easily found on any website of the manufacturer of furniture designs, where samples of unique cabinets of different options will be provided for your attention.

Radius sliding wardrobes are distinguished by their non-standard solution and manufacturing technology

Such a cabinet can be filled with exactly what younecessary, as a result of which you should only choose the necessary configuration. There are options with drawers, special laundry containers, shelves for the home library, and much more. In addition, even the TV stand can be easily hidden in this furniture design, which is very convenient and practical.

In most cases, they order a radiused closet in the hallway, since it is in such a room that you can install all the necessary things and technical devices.

Using a special roller mechanism, you can open the door easily and often, which once again confirms the reliability of the design.


So, consider the options for these cabinets:

  1. Convex closet. This design can comfortably fit in a special small niche. The fact is that ordinary, standard furniture cannot be placed in such a niche, and the above cabinet is easy and practical. You save space, which is very important.
  2. The concave version will help smooth all corners, and also give your room a unique depth effect.
  3. Round wardrobe - confidently placed in large rooms.
  4. The combined model is an original choice. These are unique curved designs. In most cases, they are placed in a bedroom.

In most cases, order a radiused closet in the hallway

The appearance of this or that option dependssolely on your wishes. The unique style is marked by cabinets, which are characterized by the presence of photo printing. By applying bright patterns, as well as the absence of corners of such furniture, it is usually used for children's rooms. One or another print can be easily selected from the manufacturer or independently found. If you consider the option of photo printing, which will be distinguished by its cheap cost, pay attention to the model with the film oracle.

In one case or another, the choice of such a designconfirms your amazing style and originality. Such decisions are quite convenient in those apartments in which an individual layout was made. This is the right decision to make the interior of your room unique and original, as well as the most practical and economical, which is very important.