Glass tables

The interior of the apartment can tell a lot about itsthe hosts. Immediately, from the threshold, you are already beginning to understand where you are. It can be a clean, well-groomed, but simple apartment. And there may be chic modern apartments. But in any case, glass tables, if present, will tell you about the good taste of the owners of the first or second apartment. After all, a glass table is not only beautiful, it is fashionable, modern, and, finally, hygienic.

What you need to know when choosing a glass table?

Glass tables presented on the modernmarket, they can surprise even a sophisticated connoisseur of interior design with their variety, price component, branding. And indeed, in our time, you can easily pick up a glass table for every taste and budget.

What you need to know to make the right choice? So that the acquired item delights you with its unusualness and beauty and surprises all your friends?

Glass tables do not scratch, do not lose color

  1. First, you need to decide what you need this table for: for the kitchen or dining room, under the computer, for the office or living room.
  2. Secondly, you need to decide how much you are readyspend on a new purchase: whether a small amount on a glass table from China or its own manufacturer; or up to 100-120 thousand rubles for the purchase of things from Europe.
  3. Thirdly, what kind of table suits you: it will be simple ordinary, only with a glass tabletop, or it should be a table with interesting legs of an unusual shape, an unusual design of the tabletop itself, with or without shelves.
  4. Fourth, what size should your newglass table: it should fit in a small kitchen, or be roomy for all guests and stand in the dining room. Or maybe it should be small and not take up much space, but if all of a sudden the guests arrive, then you lay it out and everyone is very comfortable behind it.
  5. Fifth, you definitely need to decide what material the glass will be added specifically for your table: it will be wooden legs, metal, or glass (and such can also be).
  6. At sixth. Which color table will suit your interior: whether it is a flying table with a transparent tabletop, maybe with frosted glass, with a picture, or just with a tinted tabletop, and possibly with mirror glass.

Why glass tables are safe and prioritized

Many skeptics claim that, for example, a tableglass kitchen is not an easy unnecessary acquisition, but also harmful, and even dangerous, because it is very fragile. But this can and should be argued. And here are a lot of objections for our opponents.

  1. Glass tables are very easy to use. They do not scratch, do not lose color, no stains remain on the countertops, are resistant to chemicals, do not deform from moisture, which is very important for a glass table in the kitchen.
  2. Glass tables are very easy to clean. It is enough to wipe off all the crumbs from it, and then wipe it with a damp washcloth dipped in a special liquid, and it will shine like new.
  3. A glass table will never be a nursery for various bacteria and microorganisms, since glass is not the material where they can live and reproduce, such as a tree.

Glass on the table is made, adhering tothe latest technology and using modern materials and equipment. Glass for tables is poured with a thickness of 15–20 mm, and then tempered in special furnaces at temperatures up to 600–7000С. Such a tabletop can withstand pressure of 100n / m2.

Glass tables are very easy to clean.

Glass table - do it yourself

How surprised your friends, acquaintances and neighbors are,when you collect them for a glass dining table made by yourself. Here, of course, the Internet will help you. Having visited many sites, you can decide on the type of glass dining table that is right for you. What will it be: rectangular, round or oval? Choosing which bed of a glass table you find more suitable for yourself: a sliding, folding, transformer or stationary?

Having received answers to all these questions for yourself, you can get to work. And the first thing to do is draw a sketch of your future table, putting there all the necessary sizes.

Well, then armed with an idea, a creative fuse, you need to go to a construction supermarket where you can purchase all the necessary materials and tools (if you don’t have them) for work. And you need:

  • glass;
  • diamond or roller glass cutter;
  • material for the legs;
  • fixing materials;
  • special glue;
  • metal ruler;
  • rubber mallet;
  • pliers with rubber tips.

  • The glass table will never be a hotbed for various bacteria and microorganisms

    You need to start work by marking the glass andpreparing it for cutting. We perform cutting by moving the workpiece to the edge of the desktop. For a more successful result, it is recommended to moisten the glass cutter with vegetable oil.

    Next, we move on to the design of the legs. We give them the intended shape, color and only after that we attach to the table. To do this, make markings on the countertop, apply glue to the ends of the legs and attach them to the countertop. Do not forget to read the instructions for glue and act in accordance with it.

    Your table is ready to please you.

    And you can see samples of glass tables by typing in the search engine - “Glass tables photo”.