Corner wardrobe: what is the difference and how to choose?

During the arrangement of their homes zealousthe owners are trying to build their way of life in such a way as to optimize the living space and create comfortable housing for living. In a modern apartment you always need to place a large number of different furniture, household items and household appliances. Filling the house with a mass of necessary and useful components, so as not to clutter up the precious living space, you need to take care of their comfortable and cozy placement.
A practical and convenient optimization solutionspace is the installation of a corner closet. In any apartment there are empty plots, which over time can turn into places of accumulation of old things. This is especially true for corners placed behind cabinet furniture. The use of such valuable sections of walking space allows the arrangement of a corner sliding wardrobe.

The evolution of the closet

Cabinets appeared a long time ago and are integralpart of the interior of any apartment. Their shape, size and content have changed over time, with the advent of new technologies and requirements for this piece of furniture. In addition to decorating housing, furniture should fulfill the main task, which is its maximum functionality.
The appearance of the modern closet is rootedat the time of Napoleon, who was dissatisfied with the disorder that reigned in the military barracks, leading the uniform to an unusable and untidy look. He ordered to arrange practical places for storing things, hidden from prying eyes by a special screen.
Enterprising Americans were the first to replace the screenon a folding accordion door, and then thought of putting it on wheels. Due to this, the cabinet began to be closed with a full door, which, when opened, did not clutter up the room. Convenience of sliding doors was appreciated and therefore gained great popularity. Such devices externally vaguely resembled modern sliding wardrobes, equipped with doors and many additional features. For many decades, designers have made every effort to perfect comfortable and practical furniture, complicating their design and using the latest materials and devices.

Modern wardrobes are sophisticatedmultifunctional designs occupying a worthy place in a modern home. Thanks to the latest technology and the efforts of designers, they have been perfected, their appearance can become a decoration at home, visually increase the space. A harmonious look goes well with ease of use and the ability to accommodate a large number of different things or wardrobe items. A large number of additional functional attributes allows you to use the entire space of the cabinet, without leaving empty corners.
With good roominess, located inThe room closet does not overload the space and occupies a minimum area. In particular, this characterizes corner models that rationally use the occupied space and organically fit into any interior.

General differences

Corner wardrobe is installed between twoadjacent walls and is a single structure. Such cabinets make it possible to beat advantageously, usually empty room corners, making their space useful and involved. Any construction defects in walls and corners or plumbing communications can be hidden behind the installed structure.

The main distinguishing feature of wardrobesis an unusual device for doors that, when opened, move along their surface along special guides. This design of the door can be a sliding or folding accordion; for any of them, opening will not require free space. In conventional cabinets, for access to the inside, there should be enough space for the doors to open. The sliding design allows you to install any furniture close to the door and at the same time opening, they will give maximum access to everything inside the cabinet. The angular sliding wardrobe has a special constructive solution, so some models can be simultaneously equipped with doors of various types, sliding and swing.

The biggest advantage when installing the cabinetcoupe, is its amazing spaciousness. Taking up very little space in the room, it is able to effectively visually save space and at the same time it surprises with the possibility of practical placement of a large number of various household items and household utensils. The functionality of the corner closet depends on its functionality and internal content, which can be very diverse: large spans with crossbars for hanging things on the shoulders, wide or narrow shelves, drawers and other functionalities.

To buy a corner wardrobe you need to decidewith the main criteria that you need to pay attention to. Thanks to this approach, the cabinet will become functionally convenient, organically fit into the interior and last for many years. Key criteria include:

  • form and design of the cabinet model;
  • material and quality of components;
  • types of finishing materials;
  • complete set of internal filling;
  • determine the location.
  • A variety of models of sliding door wardrobes and their components on the market allows you to choose exactly the equipment that is needed to create a successful and practical interior.

    Model classification

    The modern furniture market allows you to purchaseready-made cabinet model, which will take its rightful place in any room. Before you buy a corner wardrobe, you need to make sure that its dimensions will fit the parameters of the apartment and other pieces of furniture, and the appearance will organically fit into the interior of the room. Case models have a base, ceiling, side and back walls.

    Such models are freestanding andequipped with standard internal filling, with all the necessary crossbars, shelves, drawers and niches. Such equipment does not always coincide with personal requirements for filling cabinets. In this case, you can order the manufacture of a corner sliding wardrobe, taking into account all personal wishes.
    Thanks to a wide selection of components andfacade materials, you can make a model of any configuration, according to individual sizes, suitable for a specific interior and with internal content, the necessary functionality. Custom cabinets can be freestanding or built-in, it depends on the personal preferences of the customer.
    Each of the designs has its own positive andnegative aspects to which you should pay attention before making a certain choice. The location of free-standing models can be changed, while the built-in wardrobes are installed once, and it is not possible to rearrange them to another place. Therefore, for lovers of rearrangements in the house, models that can be moved are more suitable.
    Embedded designs are attached directly tothe wall and the back have no empty spaces in which dust accumulates. During the general cleaning, a freestanding, bulky and heavy cabinet will need to be moved in order to get to the places of pollution. To cope with such a task is not easy, but it is impossible alone. In this case, it is better to choose an integrated model, the care of which is simpler.


    Durability of a design of a sliding wardrobe providesthe quality of moving mechanisms, it is they who in the first place can fail. Therefore, saving when choosing these components is not worth it. The rollers mounted on the doors should have a soft walking mechanism and not emit extraneous sounds when moving. This mechanism should work clearly and smoothly. You should not hope that over time it will be developed or frayed, everything should be debugged initially.
    Roller guides made of steelor aluminum. Aluminum tracks are more durable, but the price of such a mechanism is much higher than steel. Therefore, buyers often choose a cheaper option, and you must be prepared for the fact that the quality depends on the price.

    Modern manufacturers offer a largean assortment of finishing materials, the quality and properties of which determine the appearance of a corner sliding wardrobe. In the manufacture of furniture, the customer has the opportunity to choose any material, depending on personal preferences or the need to comply with the general style of the interior. The body of the closet is made of MDF, particleboard or natural wood.
    For the manufacture of doors can be used: MDF, particleboard, natural wood, plastic, tempered glass or mirror surfaces.
    Environmentally friendly natural wood isthe most expensive and high quality material. A door surface made of tempered glass or a mirror will make the room visually larger, expanding the space and filling the room with air. When choosing such a material, it should be borne in mind that the door will need more thorough care, and its low strength will require careful handling.

    Most often used to make doorsMDF or chipboard panels. These wear-resistant materials have long been appreciated by manufacturers of cabinet furniture. Such panels are easy to process, resistant to moisture and the sun, they allow you to create any shape of the door, making it reliable and durable. MDF is a safe material, and when using particleboard it is necessary to carefully check the quality and degree of reliable protection against possible effects of harmful substances that make up the adhesive base.
    Rich color palette of all materialsallows you to create any visual perception of the closet. Choosing dark and bright colors against the background of a light interior, the cabinet will focus on itself, creating the effect of a monumental and significant piece of furniture. Light shades, or glass or mirror doors, fill the room with lightness and grace. You can use various materials, combining them and complementing each other.

    Application of the latest modern technologiesallows you to make the facade of the corner closet unique. Photo printing technology allows you to apply a picture to any surface of the door. To do this, you can choose your favorite picture or photograph, an arbitrary abstract drawing or composition, a natural landscape or a fairy tale plot. Such cabinets perform a special aesthetic function, creating the mood and atmosphere of the room. The applied images have a special resistance, do not fade and do not fade, do not deteriorate from temperature changes and under the influence of moisture.

    Application of sandblasting technologydrawings on the surface of a glass or mirror, allows you to create amazingly delicate and original images. Doors with such decorative finishes bring lightness to the interior and become a real decoration of any room.

    Practical for face designuse a laminate, which, due to its coating with a durable film, will reliably last for many years. Modern materials, presented in a wide assortment, can fit into any style of interior and make a corner wardrobe an adornment of a room that qualitatively performs all the functions assigned to it.
    By acquiring the body model of a corner wardrobeit is necessary to pay attention to the quality of all its components. Sometimes manufacturers, trying to reduce the price, use cheap accessories, which significantly reduces the life of the product. When buying an IKEA corner cabinet, you can be sure of a fairly good quality of the purchased goods. The company produces a huge variety of models, with a classic set of internal parts. Furniture is easy to assemble and can be equipped with any additional module. The IKEA corner cabinet has an ergonomic appearance, so it organically fits into any style of interior, emphasizing its sophistication and restraint.

    Inner world

    Being decoration, for the room, the mainthe requirements for any corner closet is a set of functionality assigned to it initially. It depends on the internal content, i.e. a set of standard elements, in various combinations. The main components that fill the interior of the cabinet include:

    1. shelves and cells;
    2. drawers on casters;
    3. rod-tubes for hanging hangers;
    4. retractable and swivel hangers;
    5. baskets;
    6. large niches to accommodate large items or mechanisms.

    Basic materials for manufacturing all internalelements - chipboard and aluminum wire coated with polymer paint. For some elements, it is possible to use plastic, a cheaper and softer material. Elements made of aluminum wire allow better air circulation inside the cabinet, preventing things from settling down, which is especially important during long-term storage.
    For convenience and ergonomics, internal fillingsupply with special mechanisms: pantograph-elevator, rollers, wheels and elevators. Such mechanisms make it possible to use the entire internal space of the cabinet and make the process of extracting things easy and convenient. Thanks to them, the perfect order will always reign in the closet, and each thing will have its own permanent place. The presence of such mechanisms significantly increases the price of purchased furniture. Therefore, if you want to buy a corner sliding door wardrobe inexpensively, you need to dwell on the most necessary set of such elements.

    Corner wardrobe with a variety of fittings andspecial mechanisms will correctly organize clothes, shoes, various household items and household utensils. The configuration of the various elements inside the closet depends on the room of its placement and the requirements of the owners of the home. It is worthwhile to carefully consider the necessary number of different elements and their location. If necessary, it will be possible to change or add something, but it’s more accurate to carefully think through everything in advance. It is convenient to create a detailed drawing that allows you to take a look at the future cabinet in advance, and place everything you need correctly and correctly.
    An example of a possible diagram of a corner cabinet in the photo inside with the dimensions and placement of the filling:

    In the photo there is a diagram of the corner closet inside with dimensions and its finished prototype:

    Configuration of corner closets

    The shape of the corner closet can bediverse and able to fit compactly into any size and interior of the apartment. Based on the individual configuration of the room, you can choose an option that benefits and non-standard uses the free angle in the room, making its area useful.
    The main types of corner closets include:

  • triangular;
  • trapezoidal;
  • G - shaped;
  • five-wall.

  • You can highlight the combined shape of the cornera cabinet that allows you to complement and combine the main types in order to maximize the use of the entire free area of ​​the corner and make the furniture individual and comfortable.


    Installation, in the free corner of the room, closettriangular shape allows you to fence off part of the corner with a door. Such structures usually do not have side walls and shelves or other filling is attached directly to the walls. The triangular shape favorably conceals the corners of the room, making it more smooth, and looks especially harmonious in square rooms.


    In a trapezoidal design, on one side,a small side wall is provided to create the shape of an irregular trapezoid. The internal space can be organized more rationally by installing additional designs.

    G - shaped

    The most common form of corner cabinetsthe coupe is L-shaped. This universal form is suitable for any room size and is a combination of two direct cabinets, combined into a single whole. Allows you to maximize the use of the inner part, filling it with a variety of components.


    The shape of the five-wall is characterized by the presence of smallside walls that allow you to make the internal filling the most functional and from the outside harmoniously place additional consoles and modules.

    One of the varieties of a triangular shapeis a corner corner closet. Its peculiar configuration lies in the special design of the door, which has a rounded shape that the guides provide. Such a cabinet may have convex, concave or wave-shaped doors.

    The streamlined shape of the cabinet is visually significantadjusts the space, harmonizing it by smoothing the corners. The price of a radial closet significantly exceeds the cost of furniture of a regular form, due to expensive components.

    Corner wardrobe in various rooms

    Placement of a corner sliding wardrobe is appropriate in any room, the filling with various functional elements depends on its location.

    Entrance hall

    Corner wardrobe in the hallway must havean open hanger for daily use items and shoe racks. Practical use of retractable shelves for shoes, located at an angle and made of wire. These shelves provide a complete overview of the contents and provide good ventilation.
    Convenient and practical corner cabinet in the hallway photo:

    The corner closet in the hallway usually hasshallow depth, so it’s convenient to use the sliding end guides to accommodate the shoulders. In the hallway there are always many different small accessories, the placement of small drawers will allow you to organize them.
    If the dimensions of the cabinet allow, then it is practicalequip the household unit, for convenient storage of household appliances and accessories: vacuum cleaner, iron, ironing board and more. For this, there are special fasteners, thanks to which all household accessories will be reliably and compactly placed. Upper hard-to-reach mezzanines are convenient for storing seasonal and rarely used items.
    Corner wardrobe in the hallway photo:


    If the apartment has a separate dressing roomroom, then there is no need to place a closet in the bedroom. But in ordinary apartments there is no possibility of arranging such a separate room, so its function is performed by a sliding wardrobe. It is more convenient and practical to install a corner wardrobe in the bedroom to accommodate all the necessary things and bedding. The filling of such a cabinet should be designed to accommodate a large number of hangers with things. Conveniently, when each thing hangs on a separate coat hanger, this provides easy access to them, they are clearly visible and do not wrinkle during storage. The height of the rods should be different, it is convenient for hanging things with different lengths. For dresses and suits it is convenient to use a large height of the bar, for blouses and shirts, you can place the bar at a lower height. This solution will significantly save space in the closet and hang a larger number of wardrobe items.
    The interior of the corner cabinet in the bedroom photo:

    Corner wardrobe in the bedroom should contain,small drawers for storing small wardrobe accessories, underwear and socks. For convenient storage of ties, belts and trousers, special hangers are provided that allow you to place these items ergonomically. For bedding, you can use wide shelves, and to store items of rare use the upper part of the cabinet. For a corner wardrobe in the bedroom, it is appropriate to have laundry baskets and shallow drawers with dividers.
    For finishing cabinet doors in the bedroomany material that blends seamlessly into the overall interior. Convenient installation of mirrored doors, this makes it possible to use it as a large mirror.
    Corner wardrobe in the bedroom photo:


    Particular attention should be paid to the organization of the cornercloset in the children's room. It has many functions: the storage of clothes, toys, books, sports equipment and various children's trifles. For the child, the height of the shelves and drawers must be correctly selected so that they can be conveniently used. For the upper sections, it is necessary to consider the possibility of safe access.
    When choosing materials for the manufacture of wardrobes for children, in addition to aesthetic features, special attention should be paid to safety and environmental qualities.

    For children, the manufacture of doors fromfragile and traumatic materials: glass and mirrors. When using these materials, they must be coated with a protective film that provides strength. Good quality sliding mechanism will ensure uninterrupted and durable operation. This should be a robust design that can withstand high loads.
    If several children will use the wardrobe at the same time, then each should have a separate, full-fledged zone.

    Living room

    Using corner closets in the living roomallows you to ergonomically organize the entire space of the room, creating a multifunctional and beautiful part of the overall interior. The angular shape will dramatically change the visual perception of the room, taking up little space in the room and performing an important functional load.
    Interior filling corner closet forThe living room is chosen based on their own requirements. Usually this is a large number of shelves for storing dishes or books. The closet in the living room is characterized by the presence of open multi-tiered shelves, for exhibiting interesting little things and gizmos that bring cosiness and warmth to the home interior.

    The design of the corner cabinet in the living room can beand a separate item, and part of a holistic device of cabinet furniture. A harmonious continuation of the cabinet will be a cascade of shelves, a chest of drawers, a module with a TV and various equipment necessary for placement in the living room.
    The design of the door can be a real decorationa living room that blends harmoniously with any style of interior. A wide selection of materials for the design of sliding doors allows you to focus on them, transforming the interior and making the cabinet a central piece of furniture. The use of modern technology makes it possible to bring freshness into the interior, thanks to images of nature, or to fill it with urban and restrained plots of cities.
    Corner wardrobes in the living room photo:

    Practical Design Additions

    To create a harmonious and concise overalltypes of corner closet use additional open modules. Such additional structures can be integral with the cabinet or are separate furniture, freely mounted on the side parts. Such design solutions make massive furniture easier and more practical. Open shelves add functionality and create an atmosphere of comfort and harmony. Shelves can be of radius or rectangular shape, they are made of glass, plastic or chipboard.

    A large role is played by the lighting of the closet. The installation of lighting points must be coordinated with the general lighting of the room so that the corner cabinet harmoniously emphasizes the overall style of the room. Convenient is the interior lighting of the corner closet, providing good visibility of the contents. This is especially true for deep five-walled and triangular cabinets.

    The choice of a corner wardrobe is serious andresponsible step. Having decided on the location and size, you need to focus on the internal content and quality of fittings. Exterior decorative door trim and a variety of complementary shapes are responsible for creating a stylish interior item. Given all the details and nuances, you can create a beautiful, multi-functional, convenient and durable corner corner wardrobe.